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NameZombie Night Terror
PublisherPlug in Digital
Latest Version1.5 (Latest)
PlatformsAndroid 6.0
MOD FeaturesUnlocked All
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When it comes to games of the zombie category on the market today, what do you think of them? Certainly, most players think that they will play the role of a hero at doomsday of the world and carry out the mission of protecting humanity by destroying all the zombies on the map. Some games have such gameplay like the State of Survival or Fury Survivor: Pixel Z has achieved certain success. However, if you are bored with the old gameplay of these games, try Zombie Night Terror (MOD, Unlocked All)¬†experience. Coming to the game, you will be completely surprised when everything around is sinking in the dark night, along with that bloodthirsty zombie wandering around the city and seem to have no human footprints. Do you know anything interesting? You are the one who caused this terrible pandemic for all humanity and you will enjoy the scariest “parties” on your phone. But first, let’s find out the interesting details of Zombie Night Terror.

Leading the zombie corps, erasing human history

Unlike the usual zombie game on the market today, Zombie Night Terror allows players to become the leader of the zombie corps, control them to destroy and remove the history of the human. Entering the game, you will see a short message on TV announcing the terrible zombie pandemic. From there, human life became chaotic and zombies began to appear throughout the city. However, that is all you want. The player’s task is to control zombies to certain places or order them to eat humans. However, you will encounter many difficulties in each game level because humans are intelligent creatures so they can quickly adapt and find ways to fight with weapons and traps.

Meanwhile, the zombies are clumsy, goofy and bloodthirsty. Therefore, to achieve their goals, players need to pay attention to them and come up with smart plans. Remember that every time you ignore the zombies, they are completely automatic. Therefore, they easily touch the pitfalls that humans have set before and the failure will be yours.

Upgrade for your army

Zombie Night Terror has more than 40 game levels with increasing difficulty during the experience. Therefore, if you remain standing a place, failure will quickly find you. The game offers a unique gene mutation system that players can use to upgrade their zombie corps. So do not forget to take advantage of this to create new zombies with outstanding power. They will help break down the enemy’s defense and perform the task of destroying humanity quickly. In the game, players will also be provided with different types of zombies and each type will have its own power and ability.

You will gradually discover and take advantage of them in each given situation to give an advantage before the enemy. In addition, combining zombies together will create a powerful combo chain to blow everything away in an instant. Everything depends on your decision, so victory or defeat is subjective. If you want to try your tactical skills, do not hesitate to click the APK link below to download and experience it now.

Enjoy the “demolition party” right on your phone screen

In Zombie Night Terror MOD APK, the player is not completely alone. See zombies as mounts and take good care of them. Do not forget to feed them and keep them busy by leading them to participate in bloody battles. Remember that humans spend all their time hiding and searching for weapons, but zombies are always bloodthirsty. Therefore, take advantage of the opportunity and power of the zombie army to destroy the human playground, spread disease and bring humanity to extinction.

As can be seen, with the above, Zombie Night Terror has created a new breeze in the market when allowing players to sided with zombies and fight with humans. This is really a bold and unrealistic idea but it makes players feel interesting because it makes a difference. Are you confident that you will be the winner of this war? Let us know the level you have passed after playing the game.

The graphics are simple and suitable for the game context

When it comes to the graphics of Zombie Night Terror APK, there’s not too much to comment because every scene in the game is only adorned with 3 basic colors: black, white and red. However, this is entirely consistent with the context of the game and contributes to the authenticity. Players will feel like being immersed in real battles at the doomsday of the world. Everything is sinking in the dark and you are a leader. Are you ready to explore the unique graphics that this game brings? Let us know the answer by leaving your comment below this article.

General conclusion

Zombie is not too new at the moment, but finding a suitable game is not easy. With what we bring, we believe that Zombie Night Terror will surely bring you moments of great experience right on your phone. The special thing is that you will control the army of Zombies to revolt and destroy people in this game. Are you excited about that? Join the game and decide for yourself the destiny of all humanity.

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