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Overview Information
NameZombie Blast Crew
PublisherVivid Games
Latest Version2.4.0
PlatformsAndroid 6.0
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Vivid Games SA is a famous publisher that owns a huge library of games in interesting action genres like racing, boxing, or fighting. They have launched many unique products and won the hearts of the majority of the gaming community at the present time. However, in the action game series Zombie Blast Crew MOD APK (Unlimited Money) – the latest product that has just been released on the market, will be a name worth mentioning.

Temporarily forget all you know about zombies in previous famous games like The Walking Dead: Our World or Dark Days: Zombie Survival. In Zombie Blast Crew, the zombies have been transformed with new actions and attacks. Therefore, this game promises to be a dramatic playground with more difficult battles than ever.

Background new

As the name implies, Zombie Blast Crew is set in a battle between humans and zombies. It can be seen, this is not a new topic because it has been mentioned a lot in the field of film and entertainment. However, with the unique design and interesting features that this game owns, this is definitely a new experience that you should not miss.

Your city is slowly being destroyed by zombies carrying the incurable horror virus. Once bitten by them, humans will become zombies, wandering through the city and harming the rest. The worst possible scenario is the outbreak of the disease and subsequent human extinction. As a lucky survivor of the tribulation, players need to pick up guns and fight to protect themselves and the residents living in the city. Show bravery and ability to conquer Zombie Blast Crew right now.

Diverse mission system

With the mission of being the leader in the zombie-killing squad, players need to complete a lot of tasks integrated with the role of a scout, hunter or warrior. Of course, no matter who you are, the ultimate goal is to push the zombies out of the city and bring everything back to its original state. With a variety of reasonably integrated mission systems, players will have the opportunity to uncover the secrets that are hidden within the story of Zombie Blast Crew.

Note, each mission will take place in different areas of the city. When entering the game, the player must shoot zombies continuously with the available weapons. And of course, do not forget to use supportive products to treat wounds as soon as necessary to ensure life.

How to kill zombies?

In Zombie Blast Crew, the zombies have been transformer, so you cannot use the old tactics to destroy them. Different zombies will have their own unique shape and ability to attack. Some of them will come to bite the enemy or shoot from afar. While the other zombies have supple health that players must shoot continuously to eliminate them. However, all of them are your threat. Therefore, players need to have smart plans and strategies to deal with scary zombies.

Zombies usually focus on a large group and this is the reason why players find it difficult to destroy them completely. In the fight for long-term survival, players will fight their way. But you need to pay attention to casualties and maximize booty. Every decision is up to you. The most fierce battles in Zombie Blast Crew are always ready for you to conquer at any time.

Collect equipment

As an experienced gamer, you understand just how dangerous it is to fight bare-handed with large and scary zombies. Therefore, players need to use different weapons such as pistols, rifles, fire guns, grenade launchers … Besides, if the zombies are not too crowded, you can use a machete and take advantage of the darkness to destroy an isolated target.

Besides offensive weapons, players are also provided with the equipment necessary to heal wounds, food … to increase survival. They are important in emergency situations, so do not miss them during booty collection.


Zombie Blast Crew is consider to be somewhat lighter in gameplay thanks to a simple 2D graphic format with cartoon character design style. However, every detail in the game is still carefully polish to successfully portray the characteristics of each character and each context.

Moreover, the game also integrates effects such as fire, smoke bombs, lighting … to increase the authenticity of the experience. Along with that, the dominant gray color will contribute to more clearly show the content of the game. Overall, the graphics of Zombie Blast Crew are fine compared to any other similar products on the market.


Update version Zombie Blast Crew (Latest MOD at MODPLAY.iO)

Info MOD: In Zombie Blast Crew (MOD, Unlimited Money) developed by MODPLAY.iO will include (Unlimited Gold, Coins, Diamonds). You can use it to buy items in the store, upgrade your guns and characters.

General assessment

If you’ve ever experienced the zombie-fighting game, you will feel Zombie Blast Crew is not too different. From the fighting form, control system and content, gamers will easily recognize the familiarity in this interesting game. However, the difference is still appreciate in terms of graphics and unique new features. Character design style creates inspiration and the fierce battles take place at a fast pace.

In general, with what this game offers, it will be one of the great options for gamers who love the action genre combining horror elements. Are you ready? Download Zombie Blast Crew using the link below and experience it instantly.

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5/5 - (1 vote)