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Zombeast MOD APK (Unlimited Money) – the most horrible offline survival shooting game from the publisher AKPublish pty ltd. To survive in the crazy zombie-filled world, players must become skilled zombie hunters. Those rebel corpses will not tolerate anyone alive, so don’t be afraid to pull the trigger.

Note: Countless other attractive zombie games are also available such as Survivalist: invasion or Zombie Gunship Survival.

Introduce about Zombeast

It is not difficult to find an attractive FPS game in the current game market. However, I believe that Zombeast will be a great choice that gamers who love the genre of horror shooting cannot ignore. In terms of content, this game may not stand out from other games of the same genre. But it delivers bloody action with breathtaking speed that can make you feel excited. Lots of scary zombies, unique challenges every day, and countless weapons for players to explore. All lead the player to one final mission: Destroy them all zombie.


In a post-apocalyptic context, the world is gradually engulfed in a “sea of ​​blood” because crazy zombies are trying to kill the remaining people. They are not only one or two people but also an army of bloodthirsty. Unfortunately, the player is in a dangerous situation where no one is around, except for that barbaric undead. So how to survive? The only way is to fight as a zombie assassin with all your might. Remember, zombies do not pity anyone, and you should too.

Zombeast brings many different types of zombies, including giant sizes, poisonous types,… Therefore, this will be a more intense battle than ever. To win, players need to know the characteristics of each enemy type, manipulate flexibly, and need their own tactics. If the enemy is too crowded, choose to hide in a safe place instead of fighting them directly. Moreover, always remember to keep a distance from the corpses because you do not know they can attack at any time.


It will not be too difficult to get familiar with the Zombeast control mechanism if the player experience on FPS games. The control system consists of 4 important buttons, which are multi-dimensional keys located on the left, a sight button, a firing button, and a grenade. With multi-dimensional keys, players can control the character moves in the desired direction, while the remaining buttons will be needed to attack the enemy.

Note: Zombeast does not require gamers to pick up guns or items right in the game screen, instead, players need to choose a gun from the beginning and use it during the fight.

Weapon system

With a bloody action style, Zombeast gives players a diverse arsenal to unleash themselves immersed in fast-paced battles. There are many weapons you can use to tame zombies, such as pistols, snipers, shotguns, explosives, and even grenades. Each weapon has different advantages and disadvantages, and it will be suitable for each specific case. Therefore, choosing the right weapon is also an important job that players should pay attention to.

Play offline

I was a little surprised that Zombeast is an offline game, that is, it allows gamers to experience when there is no Internet connection. However, this does not detract from the quality of the player’s experience as new features, new content and quests are constantly updated through releases. At the same time, bugs at some game levels are always paid attention to fix and improve. This is the reason why Zombeast always makes fans happy.


Zombeast owns a 3D graphics platform with successfully depicted images. Players can clearly see the portraits of the characters in every battle and their activities. This not only provides a true experience but also makes the content of this game clear. The game is quite dark, combat effects such as gunfire, sparks, gore, light … all contribute to the scary and crazy post-apocalyptic background. It can be said that graphics and sound are two important roles in showing the content and gameplay.

MOD APK version of Zombeast

MOD feature:

  • Unlimited Money

How to Install Zombeast

  1. Just a few simple steps to download the APK or MOD version of Zombeast here.
  2. Click on the link below to download, then go to the “settings” section of the device, enable the feature to draw on unknown applications. Finally, turn on the game, install as usual and enjoy it soon.
  3. If there are any problems with the installation, let us know and feedback will be sent soon.

Download Zombeast: Survival Zombie (Unlimited Money)

Zombeast will bring gamers unprecedented intense action and horror. Hundreds of scary zombies, unique weapons, and fascinating challenges every day will definitely keep you busy. What could be better than being able to experience fierce survival matches right on your phone? Every day can be your last day, so fight as an assassin or you’ll become one of the zombies. Battles are ready.

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5/5 - (1 vote)