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Overview Information
NameYou Must Build A Boat
PublisherEightyEight Games
Latest Version1.6.1199
PlatformsAndroid 2.3
MOD FeaturesAll Infinite
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You Must Build A Boat (MOD, All Infinite) is a role-playing game combined with the latest traditional adventure style from the publisher EightyEight Games. Like other games in the same genre as Birdy Trip or Rayman Adventures, players will still participate in an endless puzzle adventure during the experience of You Must Build A Boat. You need to destroy all monsters to be able to collect all the available treasures to serve your ultimate purpose, which is to build yourself a boat to be able to adventure around the world. Basically, this is a game with relatively special gameplay and suitable for many players around the world. Therefore, you should download the game to your device to discover the interesting things that it brings right now.

The gameplay of match-3 is simple but interesting

Initially, players will feel You Must Build A Boat like a game of traditional match-3 style but you will completely change your mind after enjoying the game for a long time. In the game, players will be transformed into a freedom adventurer and always change their explore locations in search of hidden treasures around the world. Your task is to help him achieve his wishes and to ensure the necessary safety throughout the journey.

Like other match-3 games, players will have to pair the same objects on the screen to help their characters can move continuously. Specifically, your character will automatically stop whenever you encounter a treasure chest or monster. Therefore, you will have to match the items suitable for each situation to help him can continue his journey immediately.

For example, helping characters defeat monsters by pairing swords or other available weapons, this means you will need to find at least 3 similar items to be able to conduct to graft. Conversely, if you are hampered by treasure chests, you should pair the keys that are available on the screen to get random rewards built-in. In general, the gameplay of You Must Build A Boat is really different and has a perfect combination of the adventure genre and traditional match-3 style that promises to make you feel extremely excited about what it brings.

Do not waste your opportunity

In any given time, players will encounter some enemies or treasure chests when moving. If you encounter a treasure chest, pairing with attacked equipment will be a waste. Because they only help you when facing monsters along the way. Therefore, players should observe the situation carefully before making their decision. If they want to achieve high results in this game.

The same is true for key boxes: if you match the key cells before you are at the edge of the treasure chest. It will be impossible to unlock them. Even if the chest is visible on the screen. You will not be counted in unlocking the chest so you will not receive any booty. In general, there are only a certain number of weapons and keys in each level. So you need to use them in the most reasonable way to maximize the effectiveness they bring.

Regularly upgrade equipment on You Must Build A Boat

Besides trying not to waste resources, upgrading equipment is also an indispensable element in You Must Build A Boat. Basically, after you complete any stage. You will receive a reward amount corresponding to the achievement that you have achieved earlier. They will help you upgrade the equipment system in the game easily. This will help the character can increase the attack and defense before confronting stronger opponents on the road.

Therefore, you should proceed to upgrade equipment as soon as there is enough money required. There is really no reason to save gold or other materials as every upgrade in this game will benefit players in some way. A smart player will buy every available upgrade to be able to win in the shortest possible time.

Classic Pixel graphic style

The next highlight coming from You Must Build A Boat is probably in the way of graphic design. This game is built on classic Pixel style graphics that promise to make players feel like as returning with his childhood one more time. Most of the details in the game are not beautifully engraved, but they still create a harmonious and eye-catching overall. Basically, this graphics quality is not comparable with other games of the same genre on the game market today. But certainly will not make you feel disappointed with what it brings.

General conclusions on You Must Build A Boat

Although the gameplay of this game is not too new compared to other products on the game market. It promises to bring you moments of extremely interesting experience right on your phone. Overall, there’s a lot to say about You Must Build A Boat. But we can’t give you all the information about it in this article. Therefore, you should experience yourself to be able to discover all the fascinating content waiting for you in this game.


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