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Since appeared, the snake hunting game market has received a lot of positive points coming from the gameplay of many different products. This makes it easier for players to choose for themselves a game that suits their interests to experience. If you are bored with multi-action games like Stick Battle Fight or Jumanji: Epic Run, will definitely be an option that will bring you lots of new things. APK is a game that possesses a classic “snake hunting” gameplay, was released by Oleksandr Godoba. The game is upgraded at certain points promising to bring players new experiences right from the moment enjoy. Currently, this game has received more than 60 thousand downloads on Google Play and is increasing rapidly in recent times. First, please refer to this article to be able to better understand this unique game.

Extremely familiar gameplay

Each of us has probably experienced the game “snake hunting” on mobile devices. Therefore, when experiencing, the player will completely feel extremely familiar with the gameplay that this. Because it is completely similar to “hunting snakes”. Join the game, you will have to control a short snake, move across the map and try to eat a lot of prey to increase the length. The prey in the game are symbols like candy, cakes, fruit, … which appear randomly on the map. Most types of bait in this game will have completely different sizes. So they will give you quite a different benefit.

Unlike most other fighting games on the market today. In, your chances of winning will be completely equal to those of other competitors even if you are just a small snake small. These small snakes have more advantages, as the body grows longer, moving. As well as dodging opponents is a real challenge for anyone. Therefore, you need to pay close attention throughout the game experience. Because just a moment of distraction is enough to make you lose immediately.

Confront the stronger enemies

Remember that you will face a lot of stronger enemies throughout the experience and they are ready to use strengths from body size to destroy you quickly. Therefore, you should stay away from all competitors to focus on increasing the size by collecting food on the map as quickly as possible because the larger the size, the lower the risk of being destroyed. You should make sure the distance between yourself and the other opponent safely because they always keep an eye on you and ready to destroy you at any time. In addition, APK also allows players to speed up their snake by double-tapping on the experience screen. This will help you avoid dangerous situations or reach enemies quickly. But it will cause the snake’s size to decrease over time. So consider carefully before using the acceleration feature.

Become the leader in the rankings

Basically, the ranking feature is one of the highlights that helps become attractive to players around the world. Specifically, each player on the map will start from the plump zero. And the score will be increase if you hunt the tasty pieces on the map. Coming to this game, rankings are displayed extremely intuitive on the right corner of the screen to help players feel more comfortable in observing their position.

Important that the rankings in the game only show the names of the players with the highest scores on the map. So you need to try your best if you want your name to appear even once on the rankings. This will make more competitive because everyone wants to be the leader on the leaderboard. Are you ready to destroy all opponents in this game and monopolize the highest position in the rankings yet? Download the game via the APK link below this article and make it a reality now.

Beautiful graphics, vivid effects

Unlike the classic game “snake hunting”, APK owns an extremely beautiful graphics platform with extremely carefully designed details that. Promise to give players moments of an exciting experience. The snakes in this game have been completely chang in appearance. So that players can easily distinguish their snake and other opponents quickly. The special thing is that you are free to change the look of the snake to best suit your preferences and feel the charm during enjoying the game.


General, is not a game with very different gameplay on the game market today. It is considered a perfect replacement for – a game that has not receiver much love from players around the world. completely inherits the fascinating game of “hunting snakes”. And integrates some unique features that will surely bring you unforgettable moments of experience right away on smartphones or tablets. Do not miss the opportunity to experience this fascinating game through the APK link below.

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