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NameWorld War Doh
PublisherJam City
Latest Version1.4.64
PlatformsAndroid 6.0
MOD FeaturesHigh Damage
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World War Doh MOD APK (High Damage) is a dramatic and chaotic real-time fighting game that has just been released Jam City on the market and deserves a formidable opponent for products of the same type. The only goal of gamers is to crush opponents with their mighty army and destructive power from the fighting machines. Are you ready to build your army and rule every battle in World War Doh?

Introduce about World War Doh

World War Doh is a product designed by the studio Bogota company. However, in 2018, it was acquired by Jam City and developed on a mobile platform. After the mobile version was officially released, the publishers of this game announced the Champions League in the spring of 2020.

World War Doh is a real-time strategy game similar to the style of Might & Magic: Chess Royale and Onmyoji Chess that we introduced in previous articles. However, this new Jam City game is inspired by the card game line you can find in older games. Along with that, it is designed with beautiful graphics. And fresh ideas that will definitely bring a very interesting experience for this weekend. Don’t miss the fiercest and craziest battles in the world of World War Doh.


In World War Doh, the player controls the army including the warriors shown in the form of cards. The most important objective is to defeat the enemy commander or destroy their defensive towers. All battles revolve around this, allowing gamers to engage in the most dramatic online battles through the PvP mode with other players around the globe.

Facing different enemies and their armies, you need to have a suitable battle strategy to maximize the amount of damage, while increasing the defense. Don’t pay too much attention to the attack and forget that your base needs to be protected. Victory will be for the wisest with the strongest warriors.

Unlock countless characters

World War Doh has dozens of different cards that correspond to the warriors used to fight. Each hero has its own strengths and weaknesses and they can be combined together in a squad to enhance strength, and complement each other to limit defects. The important thing is that they are not automatically pieced together, instead, you are the one to do it.

As a commanding officer, gamers are responsible for unlocking appropriate cards, then bringing them to the battlefield to compete with other opponents. In addition, the card upgrade feature in this game will help the characters gain strength. This will create a great advantage for your squad in every battle. Do not forget to upgrade and use a special skill in the game to change the landscape of the battlefield.

Some new features

World War Doh offers a diverse system of commanding characters with a fun appearance, crazy expressions, and dances. Players can own them with diamonds but please note that this is a rare currency and they are difficult to collect. However, if you want to use them for free, you should download our APK World War Doh.

In addition to the types of warriors displayed in the form of cards, this game also brings some new and somewhat weird ideas for a strategy game. For example, players can take care of a dinosaur egg until it hatches, then train and use it as a real fighting machine. Along with that, the game also allows gamers to collect objects to increase “Doh” – a form of energy needed to use cards. Sounds interesting, right?

Bright graphics

This game brings a fun world when its graphics are design to be bright and harmonious. The image is described in a weird style that reminds us of a funny cartoon. Although the tactical gameplay of this game can make players feel pressured, it is certain that its graphics will be a factor to help relieve stress. Don’t worry too much about the battles ahead. Enjoy the fun and show your best to win and conquer the glory rankings of World War Doh.


Some questions related to this game

1. Does World War Doh need to be connected to the Internet to play?

Reply: This game is an online strategy game, so gamers need a stable Internet connection for mobile devices to experience it. This will give players the most exciting PvP battles and the opportunity to compete with opponents from around the globe.

2. Is World War Doh like a turn-based fighting game?

Reply: The gameplay of this game is similar to a turn-based fighting game where players will experience a match with a certain opponent. And then, another player will be your next opponent. However, usually turn-based matches will have many rounds and the game requires gamers to fight around with 8-10 opponents to find the final winner. In this game, you fight, win, and receive rewards through a live match.

Download World War Doh MOD APK (High Damage)

An exciting journey awaits players to explore in World War Doh. The gaming community has given positive feedback for this new game and this is why you should not miss it at the moment. Based on the old strategy gameplay but with new features. And a quality graphics platform, this game promises to bring a great experience. Do you feel excited to become a talented commander? Crush your opponents’ hopes with your ability and win on every front.

MOD features:

  • High Damage (Comming Soon)
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5/5 - (2 votes)

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