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WitchSpring4 MOD APK (Unlock, Full Paid) is the latest product of the WitchSpring game series from publisher Kiwiwalks. Through each of the various games that were released in succession, this series has shown its remarkable maturity in many aspects both in gameplay and graphics. These are also the strengths of WitchSpring that makes it win the hearts of the majority of the gaming community. So in this section, WitchSpring4 anything new? Refer to the article below for the answer.

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To mark the return of the legendary WitchSpring series, in this part, the WitchSpring4 game brings the in-depth story full of fascinating mysterious events. Moccamori – the queen of the magical kingdom of Orphean, possesses great power that can summon armies and use magic to rule the magical world. She and her army traveled through many different lands, collecting magic and conquering all nations intending to oppose the Pope. After all, their goal is to become the leader of the wizarding world.

The evolution of WitchSpring4 is expressed through many different levels and to fully understand its story, players need to spend a lot of time to explore and experience. In this part, the map and the mission system of the game have increased significantly, so prepare a lot of energy to start coming to interesting journeys in the magical world of WitchSpring4.

Turn-based gameplay

In all parts of the WitchSpring series, the games retain the familiar turn-based fighting gameplay. WitchSpring4 is understandable because there is no reason to change this typical game style while it is highly appreciated by the gaming community. At each turn, players need to choose for their characters how to perform skills. Such as an attack, support, or defense. In each given situation, the unique skills will bring different effects in the battle. Therefore, despite the very simple gameplay, the game requires the tactical calculation from the player if he wants to complete all tasks.

Conquer the magical world

When participating in the game, you will transform into Queen Moccamori and help her fulfill her great dream. During the adventure, you will travel through many different lands, explore the world, learn about magic, and try to train your strength. Of course, other skilled wizards won’t let you do this. And that’s why you need to gather the best soldiers to fight them and gain control of the world.

Everything seems very difficult because your great journey will face many different challenges. However, with the power of magic, you can solve them more easily. The powerful magic is possess by giant creatures and of course, it is difficult to obtain them. Players need to find a way to persuade or defeat them to gain magic power. Thereby using it to upgrade the army. In addition, magic also came from ancient books in the royal room. If you want to own it, players need to learn how to use it through the instructions of the logistics soldiers.

Besides, to become the most powerful witch, players need to practice every day to master the entire skill. Also, learn how to create new drugs, new magic to enhance strength. In particular, all character activities can be done right in the royal room of the queen. So the player will not take too much time to control.


WitchSpring4 owns a more advanced graphics platform than previous sections. However, it retains the familiar cartoon graphics style associated with the games built on the fictional context of the magical world. The characters are design with unique shapes with an epic tendency. This contributes to the authenticity necessary for the player’s experience. Along with that, transition effects are also quite smooth and have been optimized on mobile platforms. The audio system has also been carefully invested to inspire long-term user experience. Overall, graphics and sound are really a special highlight of the success of WitchSpring4.

Download WitchSpring4 MOD APK (Unlock, Full Paid)

WitchSpring4 was release not long ago on the market. Therefore, its popularity among the gaming community is not really impressive. However, with its great features in many respects, this game promises to become one of the new titles worth playing in the near future.

With the story of the magical world and the great journey of Queen Moccamori, WitchSpring4 really did well in expressing the character and context of the game. Attractive gameplay, simple controls, and excellent graphics are the factors. That show the maturity of the WitchSpring series at the present time. Many commentators have greatly appreciated this latest game of WitchSpring. So you can be completely assure of the quality of its experience. At $ 5 for an install, this game is really worth the money to download and enjoy. If not, you can download it for free at the APK link below our article.

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4.8/5 - (5 votes)