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NameWinter Survival
PublisherWinter Game
Latest Version0.1.3
PlatformsAndroid 5.0
MOD FeaturesFreezes Enemy
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Winter Survival MOD APK (Freezes Enemy) is a game extremely unique survival experience with a winter setting, legends about dragons, and magic officially released by Winter Game. The harsh weather together with the fierce onslaught of the White Walkers is the challenge of the player in this game. Discover and fight for the chance to survive in the world of Winter Survival.

Introducing Winter Survival

Winter Survival is a new role-playing game in the collection of products by the publisher Winter Game. As the name implies, the game is a complicated development of the human war against the severity of the weather and the dangers of the zombie army. In particular, the context here is the medieval post-apocalyptic world, i.e. modern weapons such as guns, bombs, bullets or food, houses … are not available as similar games like Garena Free Fire and Fortnite. Besides, Winter Survival also brings a new sense of survival game series when allowing players to exist with dragons and symbiosis with magic. An exciting journey is waiting for you in this game. Get ready to overcome every challenge.

Extremely unique gameplay

Winter Survival also brings the breath of a survival game with the competition and effort of humans for a living. The story of this game reminds us of some medieval movies in the age of dragons, magical mysteries and the early period of human history. There, people only fight with rudimentary weapons such as trident, jack, sword, ax … to protect their lands from invasion from enemies. Along with that, players must always move to explore new lands, search for food, fire, and safe havens.

Also, pay attention to the White Walkers wherever you are because they are always looking for people to satisfy the bloodthirsty hunger. Attacking them is not always a wise choice. It is best to seek shelter to hide and attack only when necessary. Besides, don’t forget to equip yourself with a cape or warm your body with fire because you can die quickly with the cold of winter at any time. Finally, the player needs to search for the clan of dragons to tame them for battle, while seeking energy to use magic.

Control system

Regarding Winter Survival’s control system, it is a little different from other games of the same genre. However, if you are an experienced gamer, you can get used to it quickly. The controller consists of a navigation button on the left side of the screen and a set of right function keys including woodcutting, shovel use, nailing, and most importantly, the attack button. Along with that, there are several auxiliary function buttons that assist the player in the process of building and using magic. Although there are quite a number of function keys, they will display visually on the screen interface. You will not find it difficult to use it successfully.

The perspective of Winter Survival is designed in a top-down form, suitable for fighting, building, and exploring the entire environment. For the construction, the wise way is to gather a lot of people to shorten the time and assign two guards to guard the base whenever you need to make the journey to move from this area to other areas. A safe haven will give players a day’s rest, store food, and combat surprise raids at night. This is a trick to survive the endless battle in Winter Survival.


When the player level up, the character’s strength and defense will also increase. Along with that, the game also allows unlocking the special skills of the character to use in the course of the battle. In addition, players will have the opportunity to unlock and access more advanced drawings of each character, including armor, weapons, accessories … Even, you can unlock a separate manufacturing station to make the necessary customizations.

Note: The power of the character is also increased by the support from useful items. They can be found on adventures or crafted in a specially formulated form.


Some questions about Winter Survival

1. Can I download games from Google Play?

Currently, Winter Survival is available on the Google Play app, so players can download it to your phone for free. But with the Winter Survival APK, the game will offer special features that make it easier for players to complete the challenge. For example, the enemies will not move, infinite money,…

2. What changes have been made to Winter Survival in the upcoming update?

Publishers are always looking to complement their products with new events and features to provide a quality experience for players. In the upcoming updated version, Winter Survival will be integrated into online chat systems, team mode, new maps, new characters and loads of fun games. Therefore, do not miss anything in this game.

3. MOD Freezes Enemy

To be able to use the MOD Freezes Enemy version, you need to open “ON/OF” when entering the game in the left corner of the screen.

Download Winter Survival MOD APK (Freezes Enemy)

Winter Survival is a pretty interesting combination of survival elements and action role-playing genres. Differences in context and images have made the game more attractive than countless other similar products on the market. Besides, graphic quality brings a beautiful experience with the harmony of colors, sharp details, and a unique design style. Everything is relatively stable promoting further development of this game in the near future. A winter full of unknowns and dangers awaits players to explore in Winter Survival. Quickly download the game and enjoy it now.

MOD Features:

  • Freezes Enemy
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