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Latest Version1.9.2
PlatformsAndroid 4.2
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Moves
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Wildscapes MOD APK (Unlimited Moves) is a new game from Playrix publisher. In the game, you will have the opportunity to meet countless adorable animals and build a colorful dream zoo by yourself to welcome friendly visitors. Familiar match-3 gameplay and bright graphics of this game will surely make you unable to take your eyes off the experience screen. Let’s learn about it a bit right now.

Introduce about Wildscapes

Wildscapes is a fun puzzle game that has just been released on Google Play by Playrix. It is considered a sequel to Gardenscapes and Homescapes, so it possesses some features quite similar to these two predecessors. However, with Wildscapes, players will have the opportunity to experience extremely interesting and rewarding activities in a large zoo with countless adorable animals. Many visitors will visit your zoo, especially children, so always try to grow and expand the zoo to make people happy.


Each game has its own story to contribute to its content and gameplay, although it’s a simple or elaborate game. So is Wildscapes. In the game, you will become Jack – the manager of a zoo. He is having a lot of trouble with his own work as the zoo is becoming increasingly degraded, causing the animals to intend to migrate.

A zoo will have no visitors at all if it doesn’t have any animals, you know that right? To restore Jack’s zoo to its former glory, he needs to try to complete the task as well as play well the match-3 puzzle levels. And of course, he needs your help. Are you willing to do this?

Familiar puzzle gameplay

Similar to previous products from Playrix, Wildscapes owns interesting puzzle gameplay through match-3 levels. Players will rebuild the beautiful world on their own by completing these puzzles and helping visitors in trouble. It could be a visitor in need of a cup of coffee or a baby looking for panda accommodation and more humorous situations. All things need your help.

The match-3 game screen is not too difficult when they still adhere to the familiar principles. Players need to find a way to pair at least 3 similar items into a vertical or horizontal row so that they explode immediately afterward. Depending on the mission of each game screen, you need to be flexible in assembling and arranging items. In general, Wildscapes brings a variety of attractive screen systems. You will also receive support items needed to help with the puzzle process in the game.

Each level in Wildscapes will include many different match-3 screens. If it is possible to complete them all, the player will be upgraded and unlocked to the next level. After each level, you will also receive lots of coins. They are quite useful for unlocking new animals or buying items to decorate your zoo. You might consider unlocking a single animal or an animal family depending on how much economic you own.

Zoo renovation

Players will develop their zoo step by step once they experience Wildscapes. Start by unlocking animals, animal families, plants and flowers … Afterward, don’t forget to develop and expand their habitat as this directly affects the happiness of all animals in your zoo. A polar bear or penguin will need an ice lake to bathe, or a deer will need to graze from tall trees …

In addition, players can use coins or diamonds to buy zoo decorations. They will help make your zoo more beautiful and this will attract a large number of visitors. A colorful wild world will be reborn by the players in Wildscapes right now. Are you interested in this?

Friendly graphics

Playrix products in general and Wildscapes, in particular, have extremely friendly and bright animated graphics. The animals, trees … in the game are all described with a lovely and realistic appearance. They have quite funny expressions that make the player always feel comfortable and relaxed when experiencing this puzzle game.

We felt really impressed with the color scheme in Wildscapes. Each scene is well represented with bright colors combined quite harmoniously. They make me feel like I am lost in a beautiful and realistic animation world. In general, the friendly graphics of Wildscapes make it more suitable for all players around the world, including children.

Notice: Wildscapes is now available on Google Play to allow players to download mobile and free experience. However, our APK version of Wildscapes, you can own infinite money to unlock animals and countless valuable items in the game. Of course, you won’t find this in the original version of the game at Google Play.

How to download and install Wildscapes

This tutorial, support for both APK and MOD versions.

Step 1: In the beginning, you need to delete the Google Play version if it was previously installed.

Step 2: Visit the website to search for Wildscapes keyword, or search on “Google” for Wildscapes MOD APK version. Visit the link and download the MOD or APK version, you can optionally choose the version you want to use.

Step 3: Next, go to the installation process of the MOD version and APK until the end.

Step 4: The game logo icon “Wildscapes by MODPLAY.iO” will appear shortly. You only need to visit to experience the game and enjoy relaxing moments with Wildscapes.

Download Wildscapes MOD APK (Latest Version)

As a simple puzzle game, Wildscapes doesn’t invest too much in controls and features. Instead, the game offers a relaxing experience with engaging jigsaw gameplay and fun graphics platform. This will be a great game to entertain in your spare time. In particular, the match-3 gameplay of Wildscapes has no time limit for completion. You can play it as long as you like or stop halfway and come back to it when you can. Your zoo always needs help, so log into the game regularly and meet Wildscapes’ adorable animals.

MOD features:

  • Unlimited Moves (Comming Soon)

In this special MOD version, you will get the unlimited moving features. You can freely move, and not be afraid of any obstacles. Just install this special VIP version, you already own this feature.

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4/5 - (5 votes)