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NameWarface: Global Operations B.V
Latest Version1.1.1 (Latest)
PlatformsAndroid 7.0
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Warface is probably not a strange name for the worldwide gaming community, this game has created a fever in the PC game market and quickly became a success in the past. And now, this game has caught up with the trend of mobile games when it launched its shortened version, called Warface: Global Operations. Basically, this game will be similar to most other FPS games on the market such as Call of Duty: Mobile or World War Heroes so you will be very easy to get used to the way it works. bring. Besides, Warface: Global Operations (MOD Menu) is inspired by the original Warface game and has many familiar features. However, every aspect of this game has been adapted to provide the best shooting experience on the mobile platform. In this article, let us learn about some of the special highlights that it brings.

Traditional shooting game

Warface Mobile version retains attractive action shooting gameplay. This means that players will still have to roll out in fierce gun battles but redesigned to be more suitable for control on mobile devices. Join the game, players will still experience the intense gun battle with other opponents around the world to find the final winner.

In Warface: Global Operations, players will be allowed to create a unique character and choose a weapon to use such as assault rifles, carbine guns, machine guns, snipers and accessories. Finally, you just need to choose a team structure that suits your interests to experience all the interesting highlights that this game brings.

In addition, the intuitive control system of the game Warface: Global Operations will allow players to understand the main features and game mechanics easily. However, you need to experience the game for a certain amount of time if you want to master all the operations in this game. What are you waiting for? Immerse yourself in dramatic gun battles even if you are an inexperienced player.

It is not easy to win

Although the gameplay of Warface: Global Operations MOD APK is somewhat familiar to those who have experienced FPS games before, it is not easy to win. Most of the matches in this game are fast-paced and continuous, making it very easy for players to lose if they do not keep a high level of concentration during the experience.

Currently, this game is only integrated with 2 available game modes: Team Deathmatch and Zone Capture. Each game mode will bring you a completely unique experience, so change the game mode continuously to not get bored during enjoying the game.

In Team Deathmatch, the team that reaches the first 50 points wins the game. This means that you will have to coordinate well with your teammates to destroy the enemy as much as possible.

Meanwhile, in Team Capture Capture mode, the player who captures an area for the longest time until the score reaches 100 will win the final victory. The special thing is that players can play on five different built-in maps, each with unique terrain to help players always feel the interesting experience of the game.

Customize weapons

One of the features that make Warface: Global Operations more attractive than other games of the same genre is that it allows players to easily customize weapons. The weapon system in this game is also integrated quite diverse to help players can create their dream weapons through the available options. It is important to know how to combine the most powerful weapons to maximize the damage they bring to win every match that you participate in.

Besides, don’t forget to create your own unique character in Warface: Global Operations with a personalized appearance. Equip your character with dozens of custom-made items and costumes to stand out among millions of other players around the world.

Sharp graphics, carefully invested

It is noticeable that the graphics in this game are very carefully invested by publisher B.V to help players feel the attractiveness during the experience. The environment in the game is also designed relatively detailed, along with the visual effects that are also depicted extremely successfully promising to bring players the most intense and vivid battles from the first time. enjoy. Note, your device needs to possess a configuration high enough to be able to enjoy Warface: Global Operations APK in the smoothest and most beautiful way right on your device.


Warface: Global Operations has been very successful on the mobile gaming platform when it has achieved over 1 million installs on Google Play and quickly became one of the most popular FPS games around the world. Join this game, players will be fighting in the battlefield designed honestly and detail. Game graphics are designed with great quality, upholding realism and elevating the shooter genre. If you are a lover of traditional shooters then this game will definitely be an extremely suitable choice in the present time.

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