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NameVery Little Nightmares
PublisherBandai Namco
Latest Version1.1.4
PlatformsAndroid 5.0
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Very Little Nightmares APK (Free Patched) is a new game adventure that combines the traditional puzzle genre and attractive horror style. So how did this game make a difference? Let’s find out a few things about it.

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Introduce Very Little Nightmares

Unlike the usual puzzle games, Very Little Nightmares is invested in an extremely deep storyline with a series of logically connected events. This is a mobile version of the game Little Nightmares was released on PC in 2017. Therefore, the game still revolves around the story of little Six in the journey to escape from the horror dungeon located on the small island The Maw. So what terrible things are lurking in this place?

The story of the game begins at the dark mansion The Nest is located on a small island – where welcomes ships from the wealthy guests as they stop to rest on their journey. Here, the guests will be served the food that makes them eat constantly and gradually become fat. Why? Lady – the owner of The Nest mansion is known as a woman obsessed with appearance. She always hated anyone who was prettier than herself, including children. Therefore, after fattening the guests who set foot on this island, she would drain their energy with the desire to become immortal. Meanwhile, she discovered Six – a 9-year-old girl with a beautiful appearance, and of course, Six became Lady’s target. And from here, Six’s journey to escape has begun.

Find all ways to escape from hell

In Very Little Nightmares, the player will transform into Six and help her escape from the dark hell named The Nest mansion. Giant monsters will appear continuously from places you did not anticipate. With that, countless deadly traps have been placed throughout the dark rooms. You can run continuously in this game but challenges will constantly appear and get in your way. Therefore, if you cannot solve it, you will forever be trapped in the monstrous room.

Lady is a person who has a monstrous personality but instead of complaining about this. Look for ways to escape challenges in certain situations. Through the long journey, players will gradually uncover the mysteries of the horror story that Very Little Nightmares want to mention. The more you understand the game, the easier it is to solve the integrated puzzles in the next games. That is a reasonable connection in the gameplay of this game and is also a factor that makes gamers feel more excited during the long experience.

Familiar puzzle genre

Very Little Nightmares has brought a “fresh breeze” to the game market when it is a combination of new elements and traditional genres. The game has elements of horror expressed through the plot and context. Meanwhile, the familiar puzzle genre is the main gameplay that players need to care about. Your character is a child trapped in a world full of horrible things. And it has no weapon in hand to fight the challenges around. The only way to get rid of this is to solve the puzzles that appear on each journey.

The puzzles will have content related to the details and items that appear in the mansion. Therefore, players need to care more about everything going on around them when participating in Very Little Nightmares. The things from the smallest can also be the clue to solving puzzles and this is the key for you to unlock the rooms. The more rooms are unlocked, the more opportunities players will have to escape and the goal is to escape the horror mansion right in the last room. If you cannot complete all the puzzles given, of course, you will receive death.

Very Little Nightmares APK (Free Patched) Download

The very traditional puzzle genre of Very Little Nightmares really stood out when combined with the element of horror and adventure. Surprise raids from enemies from a horror room can make you heart-pounding anytime. Along with that, the graphics and sound platforms are also relatively well invested.

Currently, Very Little Nightmares has been released on both the largest game apps – Google Play and App Store. However, if you want to download mobile, players need to pay $ 6.99 per install. If you want to experience for free, you can click on the APK link below to install immediately.

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4/5 - (15 votes)

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