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NameUndead Horde
Latest Version1.1.3.1
PlatformsAndroid 4.0
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Undead Horde MOD APK (Unlimited Money) – an extremely attractive game from the publisher 10tons Ltd. This publisher is not too strange to many players around the world through many successful products in the past as well as the present. You may not know, Undead Horde just appeared on the game market not long ago and is a paid game. Therefore, players need to spend an amount equivalent to $9.99 to be able to download games through Google Play. So, what are the features of this game but it has such a high price? Join us to find out now.

Dark fantasy world

In Undead Horde, players will be transformed into a witch caught up in an endless adventure in the extremely dark fantasy world. In this world, you will face many dangers coming from humans as well as giant creatures. There is no other way, players need to control their army to attack against other opponents if they do not want to receive death voluntarily.

Overall, the context in this game really makes us feel very excited about what it brings. If you are looking for a role-playing game combined with a well-planned storyline system, Undead Horde will definitely be a suitable choice in the present time.


Basically, players will not be alone in this game with the enthusiastic help of the corpses. Specifically, the player needs to control his character to destroy other opponents on the map. Then, use your magic to revive them one more time. Of course, they will be extremely loyal to you if you return from the dead. So you can order your army of undead to open different types of new minions by killing different enemies.

Undead Horde is integrated with dozens of different types of soldiers, from infantry to giant monsters to help players can easily make their choice. Besides, the controls in this game are also relatively simple and similar to most of the usual role-playing products on the current game market. Players only need to touch the virtual button built into the left of the screen to control the character to move appropriately. Then use the skill buttons available on the right to perform some important actions in thegame.

Players will build and control their army to destroy enemies and move forward. In addition, the game will still provide extremely diverse weapons, equipment, jewelry … to make things more vivid.

Some of your missions

Discover and conquer the vast fantasy world, inhabited by humans and giant monsters. Then, use magic to bring the dead bodies back to life again and make them part of your army of undead.

Players need to search for important items on a large map to help their army become stronger over time. Besides, do not forget to upgrade and help your characters own more unique skills.

Basically, Undead Horde will bring players to an extremely large open world. Therefore, moving around and buying and selling with other players around the world is a very important job. It will help you easily find the type of item you want in a short time.


The graphics quality of Undead Horde has improved significantly compared to the original version on the PC. This will surely bring players moments of vivid experience right on their phones. Most of the details in the game are designed to resemble the original. But have been more elaborate, along with a carefully invested environmental effect that promises to successfully depict the darkness of this large land. Overall, the display quality of this game really makes us feel extremely satisfied with what it brings. How about you? Give your rating by commenting on this article.

Download Undead Horde MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Undead Horde is truly a role-playing game combined with an extremely impressive fighting style at the present time. In this game, the player becomes a true witch capable of summoning spirits and nourishing the dead. You will fight against humans because they made the witch and his army are exiled forever. Will you be able to fulfill the noble mission you have been given in this game?

MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Money
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