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NameTouch The Wall
Latest Version2.3.1
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Touch The Wall MOD APK (No Ads) is a marathon competition game from the famous Voodoo publisher. Basically, it was released a long time ago and has achieved more than 43 thousand installs on Google Play at the moment. This is a relatively large point for a simple genre game. So we believe it will help you have moments of exciting experience right on your phone. First, let us learn briefly about this fascinating game.

Introduce about Touch The Wall

If you’ve ever enjoyed the game “What’s the Time, Mr. Wolf?” in the past, it would surely have been similar to Touch The Wall. This partly helps the player to understand the operation and basic rules of Touch The Wall right from the first experience. Specifically, a person who will act as an overseer faces the wall at the finish line. The remaining players will turn to that person in turn slowly and gently to not be detected, whoever finishes first will win.

In general, players will have to do a lot of work in this game because you will have to compete with other players on the movement speed. You have to deal with the supervisor standing on the finish line if you want to become the one who finishes first. If you are bored with other simple games like Big Battle 3D or Knock’em All, Touch The Wall will definitely be a not bad choice.

Control simple

The main goal of every player in Touch The Wall is to overcome the constant supervision of supervisors. Overcome obstacles that appear randomly along the way and competitors to win the game. The control mechanism of this game is also quite simple. You just need to press and hold the screen and release your hands to run. And reverse operations to make your character stop at the right time. The complexity of the game comes from countless obstacles that you must dodge during the run. As well as determining the safe time to take action.

Attention signal

An important highlight that makes Touch The Wall more interesting is the integration of signal lights throughout the race. It is quite similar to traffic lights in fact when the light is green. You are allowed to run and accelerate as fast as you can. When the light turns the red color, you will have 3 seconds to count down to control your character if you do not want to be detected by the supervisor. During this time, the proctor will turn around and look for the moving player. If detected, you will return to the starting line or the nearest checkpoint.


Like other racing games, the obstacle system in Touch The Wall is arranged quite a lot to make it harder for players to move. This means that you need to overcome many obstacles in front of you to reach the final destination. Basically, this game integrates many different obstacles such as cannons, balloons, falling rocks or boxing gloves, … Which requires you to always keep your concentration if you do not want to have easily collided.

Specifically, each obstacle in this game will have a different way to evade so their operating principle will change completely in each situation. So we will not be able to describe them completely in this article. So you should experience the game yourself and find a way to overcome them to win. Besides, in every match will appear some important Checkpoint points. They will help you get back to a nearby Checkpoint location if you are spotted or bumped into an obstacle in any way.

2D graphics

Touch The Wall is a game develop in a simple style so its graphics do not have too many highlights compare to other products on the game market. Most of the details in this game are designed in a simplified style, along with a smooth transition effect so that players can enjoy it fully. Overall, the quality of the game is relatively good and there is not too much to criticize or praise.

MOD APK version Touch The Wall

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Touch The Wall MOD APK (No Ads) Download

If you are looking for a game with simple gameplay but bring challenges throughout the experience, Touch The Wall will definitely be an effective solution for you. This game is relatively easy to play and not too difficult for players to overcome the built-in challenges. But to be the first one in each race, you need to try your best and take advantage of the opportunities reasonably. Also, sneak in and try to touch the wall in front of other players with your own agility to take advantage.

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