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NameTotally Reliable Delivery Service
Latest Version1.3.5
PlatformsAndroid 4.1
MOD FeaturesUnlocked All
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In fact, shipping is not too difficult to do, even though you have little experience. However, I think you will have a lot of trouble with the most difficult shipping tasks in the Totally Reliable Delivery Service MOD APK (Unlocked All). This is a simple simulation game with dozens of integrated tasks and an extremely cute character system. Besides, its gameplay is quite easy to understand and fun to ensure players give the best experience right on the phone screen.


If you want to know about the publisher of Totally Reliable Delivery Service, the answer is tinyBuild. They are a well-known independent game publisher in the market with many funny and funny simulation games. Founded in 2013, this publisher is now publishing games around the world on platforms such as mobile, PC, and consoles. You can find more information about them by searching and playing their most interesting games at our site, typically the Totally Reliable Delivery Service in this article.

Regarding this latest game of tinyBuild, its gameplay is quite similar to the usual simulation games such as Avakin Life and Woodturning. However, players will get a completely new experience, meet new characters, and especially countless super-difficult missions that are always waiting for the player to conquer. Moreover, players will have many options in the game mode to be able to experience all the features that the game brings. You can play alone, play with a friend or team up with many people.


Even in its name, Totally Reliable Delivery Service has shown that it is a freight simulation game. However, unlike what you see in reality, the shipper will be puppets controlled by the player through the control system on the screen interface. At each assigned mission, the player’s journey will be different. You will not be able to transport goods by a motorbike or truck but instead, gamers must use quirky machines, useful gadgets, and apply real physical mechanisms to transport goods to the desired place.

Although there are many differences from reality, the delivery process in this game has been simulated like real life. The delivery staff will receive the goods, carefully packed, ordered on the vehicle, and depart. Besides, there will be many obstacles such as trees, pedestrians, obstacles … along the way. Therefore, drive carefully to avoid collision and safely arrive.

Team up with friends

Players can play alone in the Totally Reliable Delivery Service, but creating a team to play with friends will certainly be much more fun. You can invite 3 other players to join the party and join them in completing the shipping job everywhere in this game. Each trip will bring memorable moments that you should not miss. It can be a fun and humorous journey, but, surely, you will face many difficulties. Therefore, when traveling with friends, players will have additional help needed to conquer every level in the game.

Overcoming all limits

Delivery in this game is not an easy task, but each mission offers the most unique challenges you’ve never played before. The whole world around the player is different from real life, even it is somewhat chaotic. Players can transport goods by many means they have never thought of, such as aircraft, quirky trucks, including UFOs. Sounds strange, right? However, this will surely bring you unforgettable experiences.

Sometimes, the player’s shipping process is like traveling around the world. Players can tumble, dive, spin … freely in an environment filled with toys and interesting things. There are many systems of useful machines and tools that will help you transport your goods more easily. However, please use them properly and remember to fasten seat belts before departure.


The unique graphics of Totally Reliable Delivery Service also contribute to a good impression for players to enjoy the first time. The details described are quite similar to real life, the context is bright and the transition effects are also quite smooth and varied. However, it is worth mentioning here that the character system with weird and funny control features. They are designed in an animated style with a lovely appearance, and, along with that, they are like tumblers because they can not control the basic activities. Overall, they look quite funny and this is what makes the game so unique.

In the game, players can chat and interact with other players. This not only increases community connection but also makes the experience more enjoyable than ever. You will meet lots of funny situations and you can share them with people by chatting directly. Moreover, in team mode, the chat feature helps players interact with teammates to support each other in all activities.

Download Totally Reliable Delivery Service MOD APK for Android

Totally Reliable Delivery Service is a really fun physics-based simulation game that you should not miss this summer. Although the quest system requires the player to carry the cargo, the game has open gameplay that allows players to do everything they want without following any rules. They can delivery to the place as a true loyal shipper or can also see this as a journey around the world with friends. Overall, it is quite comfortable and suitable for people to play entertaining in their spare time.

Currently, the game is supported for both mobile platforms Android and IOS. Players can download it at Google Play and App Store or click on the link below this article. It only takes a few basic operations to complete the installation and start playing. Are you ready to ship goods?

MOD Features:

  • Unlocked All


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