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NameTiny Battle
PublisherIEC Games
Latest Version1.15
PlatformsAndroid 5.0
MOD FeaturesFree Shopping, No Ads
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Simple games appear quite a lot on the game market today, most of them have completely different gameplay to help players easily find the most suitable product with his needs. In this article, we will continue to introduce readers to Tiny Battle (MOD Free Shopping, No Ads) – a simple traditional game combined with unique tactical elements from IEC Games. Usually, the way it works will be relatively special compare to similar products of the same category. Specifically, players will have to protect their base camp from strong attacks from enemies. And you will have to command your army to destroy all enemies in each game screen. If you are bored with products like Crazy Shopping or Big Battle 3D, Tiny Battle will definitely be a not bad choice at the moment.

The kingdom is in danger

In Tiny Battle, players will be taken to a relatively large land. This place was ruled by an extremely talented king. And close associates that helped the kingdom become increasingly developed in every aspect. However, the peace did not last long when troops from other kingdoms continuously flocked to this place to invade and plunder resources.

Facing such a difficult situation, you will be transformed into a talented general. And carry out the mission to protect your country from threats from hostile forces. This is the time to show your leadership skills through the proper control of your soldiers in each battle. Are you ready to perform the lofty mission assigned? Quickly download the game via the APK link below and do it right now.

Base guard

Basically, the gameplay of Tiny Battle will be relatively similar to other goalkeeper games in the game market. So you will not need to spend too much time getting use to it. A special feature is that this game has added a number of completely new features to help players get the latest experience from the first experience. Specifically, players will not be able to change the soldier system during the game and all must be completed right in the preparation stage. This means that you need to consider carefully the types of troops you have. And arrange them in the right position so they can maximize their strength.

There are many positions on the screen that allows players to freely place their troops. Therefore, you should consider carefully before making a decision because it will not be able to change after the battle takes place. Besides, Tiny Battle also gives players a power-up before each battle to help you can easily win more. To be able to promote the efficiency that this power-up brings. Players need to manipulate it accurately on the experience screen. You need to touch the screen at the best time to increase the strength of your army in each battle.

Diverse military system

The next highlight that Tiny Battle brings is the army system integrate into this game is extremely diverse and rich. This will surely help players can freely choose for themselves the most appropriate and powerful soldiers in each battle that they participate in. Remember that each soldier in the game will have a unique fighting style and attack power. So you need to put them in the most proper position on the map if you want to maximize the power they bring.

In addition, Tiny Battle also allows players to combine soldiers of the same type together to form a character with higher power than the original. This means it will be easier for you to implement tactics in each match. In addition, each area in the game will allow players to place up to 4 any soldier at a time. You should choose soldiers of the same type together so they can support each other in certain situations.

Image quality is okay

Finally, the image quality of Tiny Battle is shown not too sharp but still gives players the feeling of interesting experience from the first time to enjoy. The characters in the game are built in the traditional Stickman style, accompanie by a relatively vivid environment system. That promises to give players the necessary excitement. Besides, the transition effects in this game are also shown smoothly. So you can enjoy the game consistently on low-profile devices. In general, the display quality of this game is not really excellent but we still feel sufficient. Because it is just a game developed in a simple style.


There is not too much to say about Tiny Battle because this game is really very simple. And the player will not have too much difficulty getting use to the gameplay that it brings. Basically, the mode of operation of this game will not be too different from other products available in the game market. Therefore, you can choose to experience Tiny Battle as a suitable alternative after getting bored with other games of the same genre. This game is currently available on both the App Store and Google Play. So you can experience the game on almost any smartphone or tablet device today.

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