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NameThe White Door
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As you all know, adventure games are always one of the most popular genres in the US market. This can be said to be a relatively hot topic in early 2020. And if you are an adventure lover, then today we will introduce to you the game The White Door APK – A game officially released by Second Maze (Co-owned and developed by Rusty Lake). Considered to be the game that marked the return after a period of absence of Rusty Lake, the publisher is famous for games in the form of mouse clicks and unlock the plot. For now, invite everyone to learn more about this new product with us.

Simple plot on The White Door

The story about The White Door is quite simple, the story is about a mental patient named Robert Hill. When this guy wakes up in a mental hospital and realizes his memory is gone. And you will be transformed into the character Robert, to face the difficult circumstances that the game offers. The most important thing is that you have to help this guy regain memories through the game screen suggestions.

  • Robert – Who is he and where is he from?
  • What circumstances brought him here?
  • Who is Robert’s girlfriend?

Join us in searching for the answer to the latest adventure game of publisher Rusty Lake.

Click and unlock gameplay

About the play of The White Door (Full Paid), done in the form of clicking and unlocking the plot through many different doors. The gameplay is easy, but you need to be really smart to find the solutions in each puzzle of the game. First, you need to help Robert perform normal everyday activities like brushing his teeth, having breakfast, opening windows, etc. Don’t forget to check the calendar every day, as the nurse will ask you some questions. About the name, day, month and year to check the stability of Robert. Every dream of Robert, are the secret that has no solution.

Let’s enjoy and experience the interesting things in this game.

How to play on The White Door

Entering The White Door game, the game screen will be divided into two small screens. Include a screen that covers the room and a display detailing the things you interact with. This can be said to be a game with a relatively new mechanism, making everyone feel surprised.

With a series of rooms appearing every day, it will make you feel curious and want to find out. That can be revealed at the end of the game when the facts are slowly being revealed.

2D graphics and Sound

Possessing the relatively simple 2D graphics platform, The White Door APK takes two colors black and white as the mainstream. With gentle colors, highlight the monotony and gloom in the life of the protagonist. Although the color is relatively simple, the advantages of this game are relatively light. With just 100M, you can experience smooth on low-profile mobile devices.

Of course, the sound system in the game can not be mentioned, because the gameplay is simply composed of words and pictures, so the sound of the game is significantly upgraded. Especially the voice of Robert, which is portrayed extremely true. Besides, the music included in the game will make the screen more interesting. But perhaps you did not expect, this soundtrack is performed by Victor Butzelaar (A Dutch composer).

The end

In summary, The White Door is really a great choice for those who love the mystery game click and unlock the plot. Although the background is dark and not many series of horror scenes are included, it still does not diminish the appeal of this product. Although it has only been released for less than a week, this game has reached 100 thousand installs on the Google Play rankings. But if you like this game and want to download our The White Door, you can click on the link at the end of the article to avoid paying $ 2.99.

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4.2/5 - (5 votes)