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Overview Information
NameThe Walking Dead: Our World
PublisherNext Games
Latest Version15.0.2.3498
PlatformsGod Mode
MOD FeaturesAndroid 5.0
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The Walking Dead: Our World MOD APK (God Mode) is an interesting survival game on the mobile platform, was publisher by Next Games. With this latest product, Next Games has invested heavily in the story, gameplay, graphics, and especially with the combination the both augmented reality technology (AR). In fact, this is not a new game because it is the sequel to the survival game series The Walking Dead that stormed the market not long ago. Therefore, this game promises to be one of the most prominent names in products of the same category.

Note: You can refer to the game Last Day On Earth.

Introduce about The Walking Dead: Our World

Players will enter the dark period of the world at that time. A cruel plague has spread throughout the city that turns infected people into bloodthirsty zombies and they are constantly moving to look for the rest. You will be one of the last survivors of the world, along with the characters Rick, Daryl, Michonne,… They will accompany you on a dangerous adventure, together fighting zombies Bloodthirsty to enlighten the world again from endangered forever.

Fight with zombies

Just like other survival games on the market, The Walking Dead: Our World allows players to fight with other zombies to participate deeply in the story of the game. These characters are integrated into the game to provide specific instructions on the dangerous battle with zombies, thereby helping players easily get used to the gameplay and understand the plot that the game wants to convey.

In particular, these characters maybe your favorite ones from the film of the same name. Therefore, fighting with them in this game will definitely make players feel excited than ever.

AR simulation gameplay

Basically, players will experience the battle against zombies through AR virtual reality. This is the gameplay of Pokemon GO that has been applied before and achieved certain achievements in the game market. However, The Walking Dead: Our World is back and gives you completely different gameplay. With the advanced AR technology, will make everything before your eyes become scarier, zombies will appear everywhere in your life.

Weapon system

In addition, the weapon system in this game is also extremely diverse to help players have more ways to kill zombies. Specifically, you can use weapons such as knives, guns, hammers, bullets … Or any other weapon that can kill zombies in this game.

Exquisite graphics

As a game is developed in the advanced AR-style, it is not too difficult to understand when the graphics of The Walking Dead: Our World are extremely carefully invested. Most of the details in the game are derived from real life. And will reproduce vividly on the experience screen through the built-in camera cluster on the device. To experience this game requires your smartphone or tablet to turn on the camera constantly. This will cause the battery will slip quickly. Therefore, you should charge your phone fully before you experience so that no interruptions occur.

MOD features

  • God Mode

Download The Walking Dead: Our World MOD APK (God Mode)

The Walking Dead: Our World was launched a long time ago and it has proved its appeal to players around the world. At the moment, this game has reached 5 million installs on Google Play. And is constantly increasing so you can be completely assured of what it brings. Overall, The Walking Dead: Our World is truly a highly interactive game with complex details, relentless changing storylines. And intelligent characters will make the game more accessible to many players around the world.

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5/5 - (3 votes)

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