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NameThe Curse Of Zigoris
Latest Version1.14
PlatformsAndroid 4.2
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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The Curse Of Zigoris MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is an adventure game that has just been officially released on the gaming market. Does this game really stand out from similar products like Disney Sorcerer’s Arena or Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery? Let’s find out the most accurate answer through this article.

Brief introduction of The Curse Of Zigoris

This game comes from the publisher BT STUDIOS – they have quite a lot of experience in publishing games with different genres on the game market. This means that The Curse Of Zigoris has a relative investment to provide the best experience for players. You may not know, this game was available on Google Play not long ago. But it has received quite a lot of positive feedback from players around the world.

Basically, this game is built according to the adventure genre combined with the usual role-playing style. Therefore, players will be free to control their characters to explore the magical world built-in during enjoyment. The special thing is The Curse Of Zigoris brings quite a lot of dangerous traps, requiring players to always maintain high concentration if they do not want to lose easily.


Before starting to learn about gameplay, we will talk about the context of The Curse Of Zigoris because it is quite special. Specifically, this game is mainly about the dark lands – where players will have to move continuously and overcome obstacles on the map if they want to win. Each land in the game is built relatively mysterious giving players the feeling of fear during the experience. This is really an attractive factor that helps this game attract a lot of players in the present time.

Role-playing gameplay

Normally, the gameplay of The Curse Of Zigoris has not so much compared to other adventure games on the gaming market. Players still have the adventure of the familiar horizontal screen style. This means that you will try to control your character from left to right to complete the set goal. Of course, there will be many enemies as well as obstacles that appear during the experience, so keep your sanity when playing the game.

This game has quite a lot of interesting power-ups across the map. You can use them to move faster or take out all enemies in a snap. Note, the number of hearts displayed on the main screen will determine the character’s life. In each game screen, characters can only use up to 5 hearts corresponding to 5 lives. The number of hearts will decrease if the character is hit by an enemy or hit by obstacles. Besides, there are also some checkpoints that appear on the map to help you reload some of your lost hearts but not too much.

Control simple

The Curse Of Zigoris gives players a relatively intuitive control system on the experience screen. Specifically, players will use the virtual keys available to help characters perform actions such as moving or fighting. Typically, two buttons to the left or right integrated on the left of the screen will help the character move in the direction indicated. And the other virtual function keys will help your character perform activities such as jumping, slashing, fast surfing, … In general, the control method in this game will not make you feel too difficult with what that it brings.

2D graphics

Graphics are also a very noticeable point of The Curse Of Zigoris. This game has not a beautiful 3D graphics format like the games of the same genre on the game market. Instead, it owns a 2D format and pixel graphic style that promises to give players a certain nostalgia throughout the enjoyment. The transition effects as well as combat are shown smoothly and suitable for most mobile devices today.

How to download and install

Step 1. First, click on the APK link integrated below the article to start downloading the game to your device immediately.

Step 2. Next, allow the device to install unknown applications (if needed).

Step 3. Then, click the Install button to allow the installation to take place.

Step 4. The installation process of the game will take place in a fairly short time (depending on the configuration of the device).

Step 5. After installation is complete, you just need to click on the icon of The Curse Of Zigoris on the main screen and experience it immediately.

Download The Curse Of Zigoris MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

The Curse Of Zigoris is a pixel art 2D action-adventure platform with some RPG elements where players will take on the role of exploring the built-in paranormal world. Although the gameplay is not too special, we believe this game will not make you feel disappointed from the first experience. First, click the APK link below this article to be able to enjoy the game on your own.

MOD feature:

  • Unlimited Money
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