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NameTFT: Teamfight Tactics
PublisherRiot Games
Latest Version1.00 (Latest)
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As you probably know, Auto Chess has brought players a very new and unique experience on the PC platform not long ago. Therefore, Auto Chess-inspired games have been constantly launched on mobile platforms to bring more convenience to players in the experience. Some familiar names like Chess Rush or Arena of Evolution: Red Tides certainly made many players feel excited right from the first time to enjoy. However, these products still lack something that makes the player still not really interested and wants to stick for a long time.

We expect a true Auto Chess masterpiece on the mobile platform, accompanied by a well-known publisher to ensure that the game brings real improvements compared to other products of the same genre. TFT: Teamfight Tactics APK + OBB will definitely be the name that will do that, although it has not been officially released worldwide, it has made many players feel excited through the short trailer. So what is this game special about? Join us to learn about it now.

Developed directly by Riot Games

The first point to mention when it comes to TFT: Teamfight Tactics is that it was developed directly by the famous Riot Games publisher. They are too famous for the League of Legends game on the PC platform and are one of the game publishers with the highest revenue at the moment. Recently, this publisher announced that TFT: Teamfight Tactics mode will be developed into a standalone game on the mobile platform promising to bring players moments of a truly great experience.

You may not know, TFT: Teamfight Tactics is a new game mode in League of Legends. This model is built in the form of a strategy game style Auto Battler, fighting in the form of a circle with a game similar to Auto Chess. You will have to confront 7 other opponents with a very simple goal: Become the last survivor on the ring.

The gameplay is relatively complicated and difficult to get used to

Basically, the content of the design is similar to the version of the same name on the PC platform so the player will not have too much difficulty in getting used to its operation. However, for new players to experience this series for the first time, you need to spend a relatively long time to be able to fully grasp the gameplay that this game brings.

Specifically, the battles in the game will take place automatically and players only need to arrange their troops properly in each round. TFT: Teamfight Tactics brings a lot of different systems such as Water, Fire, Lightning, Rage, Nature, Mage, Ngoc, Earth, Wind, Ice Clan … so that players can easily choose the right team at each match. The special thing is that each system will have unique strengths when you have enough generals in the match, so try to arrange as many generals of the same system as possible to maximize the power they bring.

Besides, each player will be given 100 HP in each match. If you win each level, players will preserve their HP and vice versa. The match will end when 7 out of 8 players have no HP left, and the last one will win the match.

Depends on the element of luck

The element of luck plays an important role in matches because each player screen will be given 5 random heroes and you will use the money you have to buy them. Basically, the heroes in the game will be divided into many different milestones such as 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 gold. The more gold a character has, the higher the power is. However, in order to get the most powerful characters, players need to survive until the end of the battle.

In addition, in certain rounds, everyone will be transferred to the center of Convergence and will be randomly selected. The way to choose is extremely interesting when the player in the last position will choose first, the player in the first position will choose the last to ensure fairness in the match. Choose wisely to be able to maximize your luck.

The extremely competitive ranking system

TFT: Teamfight Tactics APK supports fair competition, ranking, and match-finding. From Iron rank to Challenger rank, rankings will change based on your final position in each match. This will certainly help players can easily divide their level compared to those around them and confront the opponents of the same rank in the next match.

In addition, the graphics quality of TFT: Teamfight Tactics will still, be designed and maintained according to the original version on the PC so we will not mention too much about it in this article.

General assessment

As we know, TFT: Teamfight Tactics has not yet been set for a release date on the App Store as well as Google Play so we are still unable to give the most comprehensive review of this game. Hopefully, with the information leaked earlier, TFT: Teamfight Tactics will really bring players a completely new and exciting experience on the mobile platform. If this game is designed according to the original on the PC, you can be assured of the attractiveness that it brings. Let’s wait for a while to experience the game that is considered a super product in 2020.

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