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NameTalking Tom Camp
Latest Version1.8.11 (Latest)
PlatformsAndroid 4.1
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Do you remember the cat Tom in Talking Tom Hero Dash or the famous Hank dog in My Talking Hank? These are all considered characters that have been associated with the childhoods of many players around the world. It can be noticed, publisher Outfit7 Limited really favors players when constantly launching games of different genres but still not losing its inherent identity. Therefore, most of the products from this publisher have the participation of characters such as Tomcat, Hank dog, beautiful Angela cat, … all of which are cleverly integrated into the game. ingenious to give players the most exciting experience possible.

Talking Tom Camp (MOD, Unlimited Money) is no exception, this game was launched not long ago but quickly reached over 200 thousand installs on Google Play and received a lot of positive feedback from the community of players. Basically, the gameplay of Talking Tom Camp has changed markedly when it was developed in a construction style combined with attractive tactical elements. So what is this game more special than the same category products? Join us to find out now.

The complete change of Talking Tom Camp

If you think Talking Tom Camp will bring light and relaxing gameplay during enjoyment, it is actually a relatively wrong thought. In this game, publisher Outfit7 Limited has decided to change the whole gameplay to help you get the latest experience possible. With familiar tactical gameplay like other cult products like Clash of Clans or Boom Beach.

In Talking Tom Camp, players will meet all the familiar characters from previous products from Outfit7 Limited, but they will become more cunning and more independent. Specifically, the main task of the player is to build, protect his camp and attack the enemy. The important thing is that you need to plan a sneak attack and collect coins and energy of the defeated opponent. Use the money to build a solid campsite, upgrade your camp as quickly as possible to get super powerful water guns to resist the attacks of enemies.

Devise appropriate attack plans

Talking Tom Camp MOD APK requires players to perform many different jobs throughout the experience, not just in defense tendencies. In battles, players need to find the most effective offensive methods to be able to drain the opponent’s vitality and steal valuable trophies. In order to do this, you need to build a strong army system, along with finding weaknesses from the enemy’s defense system and exploiting them appropriately.

The special thing is that the weapons in this game have been improved quite a lot to help it become more suitable for many players. Weapons that your warriors will be equipped with can be water guns, rubber guns or flying suits, … they are all weapons seemingly for kids but in Talking Tom Camp Everything will be completely opposite. Most of these weapons will bring extremely high damage and can destroy the opponent’s works in a snap.

Some tips for high performance

Basically, your base in Talking Tom Camp will suffer a lot of attacks from other opponents around the world. This means that you will have to build strong defensive structures to prevent attacks from happening. Make sure you put the tower near the road because your summer camp will be best protected from there. Not only focusing on defense, but you can also go back to attack the enemy’s base to steal needed resources.

Besides, the game will automatically search for opponents for players to save maximum experience time. After completing the search process, you can touch anywhere you want on the experience screen to put the army in the right position to attack the opponent’s base immediately.

Colorful graphics

Outfit7 Limited has always been known as the publisher that brings games with sharp graphics along with the details that are extremely youthful and vivid for its products. This will definitely help players feel the fun necessary throughout the experience. Talking Tom Camp APK was possessed a cute but no less special design in fierce battles. In addition, the transition effects in the game are also guaranteed to be smoother on many devices at the present time promising to make you feel satisfied right from the first time to enjoy.


Talking Tom Camp is truly a game suitable for both children and adults. In this game, players will be involved in the battle with other opponents around the world to protect the base as well as plunder the necessary resources. Besides, this game also allows players to download for free on both the App Store as well as Google Play easily. However, there are also some in-game purchase cash options to help your base grow faster than the rules. If you do not want to spend any money but can still grow the base quickly, please download the game via the APK link below this article to do that easily.

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