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NameSurvivors: The Quest
PublisherG5 Entertainment
Latest Version1.14.1101
PlatformsAndroid 4.1
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Begin the most exciting new awaits you to discover in the latest game from G5 Entertainment with the name Survivors: The Quest MOD APK (Unlimited Money). A plane crash accidentally brought a group of adventurers to the adventure on the mysterious island with countless unpredictable surprises. Are you brave enough to do everything and find a way to survive in this place?

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Introduce about Survivors: The Quest

When it comes to the games of the G5 Entertainment publisher, we immediately think of products that are thoroughly invested in all aspects of gameplay, plot, graphics, and features. Survivors: The Quest is a game with all the impressive elements to bring the best quality experience.

Right from entering the experience of this game, I felt it was no different from a traditional survival game. However, I quickly realized that the process of survival here was transformed in a new direction. You will not need to hold a gun to destroy each other or run continuously on the map to avoid losing blood due to the narrow safety circle. Instead, players need to do everything to ensure the elements for life such as health, satiety, comfort, fun … and discover countless mysteries on the deserted island.


Survivors: The Quest begins with the image of an airplane in the sky at night, walking through a thunderstorm and accidentally being struck by lightning. Immediately, it fell to the coast of an island and the life of the people on the flight seemed to exist only with a few breaths. However, 3 lucky passengers are still alive after this tragic accident and now, they are trying more to find a way to survive in a strange and mysterious place.

Passengers accidentally discovered strange buildings, an old laptop, and countless other tools. This makes them even more surprised because it seems that this abandoned island was once inhabited by humans or has been used for scientific research. Countless question marks are posed here because everything seems unpredictable. What are the mysteries of this island? Let’s explore together in the journey of Survivors: The Quest.

Survival and match-3 gameplay

The task of gamers in this game is to participate in the lives of the victims after the plane crash to help them survive and find a way to escape from this island. To do that, be sure to maintain 4 elements Stamina, Hunger, Comfort, and Fun for each character.

Each element will be displayed as an automatic color bar. If the bar is green, the character is in a good state for an element. On the contrary, if you find it red, quickly find a way to recover the character by letting them go to sleep, eat, bathe, or play games.

Initially, the game’s tutorial system will help gamers get acquaint by giving suggestions for each activity. Then, if you feel familiar with the gameplay, you can turn it off to avoid distractions. An interesting highlight of Survivors: The Quest is that it is integrated with match-3 gameplay interspersed with the survival factor. This not only contributes to creating the relaxation of the game but also brings a new breath to the traditional survival game series.

Through fun match-3 games, players can collect elements to find clues for a problem. In addition, the game also allows the characters to chat with each other through conversations. They will help clarify the story and lead the game. However, sometimes you may find them annoying because most conversations are quite lengthy. And do not have the feature that allows you to ignore them.


As introduced, G5 Entertainment’s products are always carefully investing in all aspects, especially graphics. Survivors: The Quest is no exception when its image quality is quite beautiful. The details are sharply depicted along with the lively contextual space.

The combination of colors in this game made me feel very impressed right from the game experience. It is neither too bright nor too dark to create both suspense and fun in each different situation. In general, compared to similar games, the graphics proved to be no less competitive. Therefore, will definitely bring the most perfect experience right on the phone screen.


1. Characters don’t need to fight to survive in Survivors: The Quest, right?

Unlike other survival games, intense shooting battles will not take place. Instead, the characters will grapple with their own battle for survival by ensuring the essential factors at their best. You know, it’s hard to do this on a mysterious and dangerous island. Therefore, do not be too subjective with its gameplay.

2. Can I download games on Google Play?

Currently, players can download Survivors: The Quest on mobile devices at Google Play for a price of 0. However, for items purchased at the game’s store, gamers need to pay. If you want to use them for free, click the link below the article to download our APK Survivors: The Quest.

MOD APK version of Survivors: The Quest

MOD features:

  • Unlimited Money

Survivors: The Quest MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

A “new breeze” is stirring up games of the survival genre at the present time. There will be no violent shooting battles between players. But instead, Survivors: The Quest will take gamers on a mysterious journey where there is a need for cohesion between the participants. So what are the mysteries? Discover everything by playing the game yourself.

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