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NameSurvivalist: invasion
Latest Version0.0.419
PlatformsAndroid 4.4
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Survivalist: invasion MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is an interesting mobile game that combines survival genre and fighting role-playing elements. The community of players seems to be fascinated by hot names like Survivors: The Quest or Fortnite. Because of that, there are many similar games exploited on this topic, and they are added many new elements to bring the most attractive experience.

About Survivalist: invasion

In-game Survivalist: invasion, was developed directly by TeslaGames Global, and has just been released to the community of players not long ago on mobile platforms. With this comeback, TeslaGames Global has really made fans feel excited by a game with an attractive storyline, optimal control mechanism, and high-end graphics platform. Although not comparable to the “kings” of the survival genre such as PUBG Mobile and Rules of Survival, Survivalist: invasion is a new breath that can stir the market and bring a stable quality experience.

Survivalist: invasion is one of the hottest products in TeslaGames Global’s collection of role-playing games. We can mention Steven Seagal’s Archipelago Survival – a game that seems similar to in all aspects of content, mechanism, graphics, features … However, up to the present time, the game This has yet to bring many outstanding achievements to its publishers. This game has been praised by experts and got positive comments from the gaming community. Therefore, it is predicted to have more development opportunities shortly.


Although most survival games have similar content, with Survivalist: invasion, it has a fairly new and interesting storyline. Therefore, I would like to say a little about this. After a sudden flight accident, agent U.N.Known – the protagonist of the game, accidentally landed on a deserted archipelago. In the process of finding a way out, he discovered the base of a secret society and terrorist organizations. They are conducting crazy experiments to create monstrous creatures with a plot to change both civilization and human history.

With the bravery of a professional agent, U.N.Known needs to stand up to fight to prevent disasters that can occur at any time. First of all, however, he needed to find a way to survive in the hunger in the abandoned jungle and the constant attacks from the hostile forces. He cannot do everything by himself, so he needs a reliable companion. That person is none other than you. A dangerous and challenging journey awaits you and U.N.Known. Are you ready to conquer it yet?

Survival factor

As with traditional survival games, players will explore different territories and lands on the map to search for resources, weapons, and necessary equipment. Food, water, first aid kit … will help your character satisfy hunger and treat wounds if any. Meanwhile, manual tools and equipment will help players proceed to build a base as a safe shelter every night. Moreover, weapons such as guns, bombs, bullets … along with tools such as backpacks, armor, helmets … are essential to help the character against the attacks from the zombies and horror countless bosses.

You alone will fight against all dangers here without any help from the allied forces or the army. A large number of adults, including evil scientists, terrorists, gangsters, and their comrades, are trying to find ways to carry out the plot to destroy peace and dominate mankind. Meanwhile, you have no way to contact military forces outside the island. Therefore, this journey is your own, this mission is only you can complete. The human future and the life of the character depend on the decision of the player. Finish it as soon as possible.

Diverse equipment systems

Survivalist: invasion possesses an extremely rich system of equipment with a full range of weapons, craft equipment, and materials. Wood, hammers, nails, boards … are the materials needed to build the base and they are completely available in the game’s inventory. You will not take too long to search and use. In addition, countless weapons such as knives, shotguns, long-range guns, bombs … are also integrated into Survivalist: invasion, and they are constantly updated in later versions.


1. Survivalist: invasion is free to play, right?

Survivalist: invasion is now available on Google Play and allows downloading to Android devices for free. However, for some in-game products, gamers need to pay to own. Is this quite annoying? A better option for you is to download the APK of Survivalist: invasion at the link below the article to own all the in-game items for a price of 0.

2. I can explore every land in Survivalist: invasion, right?

In the current version, Survivalist: invasion has 8 different areas on the map and each area is a different type of terrain. Discovering all of them will help players go through various interesting challenges, and find out all the secrets that the game is intentionally hiding.

How to install Survivalist: invasion

Step 1. Download Survivalist: invasion Pro version MOD at the end of this article.

Step 2. Proceed to install the APK file and wait for the installation to finish.

Step 3. The game icon appears “Survivalist: invasion by MODPLAY.iO”. Access and experience this game come on guys.

Download Survivalist: invasion MOD APK for Android

Players seem to be able to imagine a journey full of dangers with countless enemies and a noble mission. However, we want to talk more about its graphical aspect.

The image quality of the game really makes us happy because the details are extremely realistic and sharp. The way to create the character is quite unique, the context is vivid and the sound system is attractive. There doesn’t seem to be much to blame for the graphics of Survivalist: invasion. However, you can join it yourself to have your own comment.

MOD Feature:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Infinite resuscitation machine
  • Freeze a change in health, thirst, hunger, and radiation.


  • Select a link to download for free. You can choose the MOD version or the original APK, it depends on your purpose.
  • Please see Installation Guide

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