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Currently, games taking the theme of famous groups or singers are not too strange for players around the world. Basically, the method of operation of each game will revolve around developing the image of famous idols. As well as giving players the familiar songs that their idols perform. Some of the outstanding products in 2019 can be mentioned such as SuperStar STARSHIP and SuperStar BTS. And today we are going to introduce you to a music game called SUPERSTAR SMTOWN APK, which was published by Dalcomsoft. For more details, let us learn more about this interesting game.

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If you are a longtime KPOP follower, it might not be too strange for SM Entertainment to be one of the leading entertainment companies in Korea, owning countless popular groups with a fan base. Tombs all over the world. Therefore, SUPERSTAR SMTOWN is packed with many famous songs from artists and groups from SM. Such as Kangta, BoA, TVXQ, Super Junior, Girl’s Generation, SHINee, f (x), EXO, Red. Velvet and NTC. This will definitely help players feel like they are enjoying all their favorite music during the game experience.

Traditional simple gameplay

SUPERSTAR SMTOWN is similar to most other music games on the market today when requiring players to touch the notes or music bands that move continuously on the screen to be able to score. It is important that you perform your operations as accurately as possible. And do not miss any notes or bands if you want to win the final victory.

Remember that each song in the game will bring a completely different level of difficulty, so you should choose gentle music. So you can get acquainted with how SUPERSTAR SMTOWN works the first time you experience it. After each song, the score will be saved and you can compare your score with other players. Therefore, please keep a high level of concentration during the game to be able to achieve the highest score on each level.

A lot of challenges for you

SUPERSTAR SMTOWN gives players the opportunity to enjoy the music of many famous artists from SMTOWN, with the task of completing one song. And unlocking the next song with three levels: Easy, Normal, and Hard. Besides, you will also have to collect Star Cards from your favorite artists to help your score increase in the next levels.

Specifically, after completing any one song, you will receive a Star Card and a new song will be unlocked with 3 different levels of difficulty. You may not know, Star Card is a card system representing each artist of SM Entertainment’s groups. So try to own as many cards as possible to complete your personal collection in the gameplay this.

This game also gives players a lot of daily missions so you need to complete the entire mission that SUPERSTAR SMTOWN offers to receive valuable rewards. In addition, do not forget to join the Challenge mode to compete with other competitors around the world to confirm your talent.

Request access

SUPERSTAR SMTOWN requires players to approve access to specific applications on smartphone or tablet devices in order to experience it. Specifically, some of the compulsory rights are as follows:

  • Photos (Photos, Gallery) / Videos, Files: This helps the game to automatically sync as well as save data when playing.
  • Read, Write, and Store in external memory: To store audio data source cache and game options in subsequent logon versions.
  • Device ID and call information: Track ads on token generation to push notifications.
  • Wifi connection information: To send a message about the wifi connection while there is more data downloading.
  • ID: Required to create user accounts and test.


The next highlight from SUPERSTAR SMTOWN probably lies in the graphic element when this game is equipped with extremely detailed graphics platform. And features that promise not to disappoint players from the first time. experience. The in-game visual system is depicted in great detail. And succeeds in bringing vivid images of KPOP groups and idols right on the game screen. Besides, the interface in this game is also arrange visually and is suitable for most mobile devices at the moment.

SUPERSTAR SMTOWN APK Download for Android

SUPERSTAR SMTOWN integrates more than 19 artists/groups from S.M.ENTERTAINMENT, more than 160 songs in the game, more than 800 Star cards collected in the game, competing against other users in 12 different tournaments. This will definitely help keep players in a state of excitement during the game experience. Through the game, players will enjoy all their favorite music along with simple, unique gameplay that promises to bring you true entertainment moments right on your smartphone. smart or tablet. Besides, this game is currently release for free on both the App Store as well as Google Play. So do not miss the opportunity to experience a well-invested product in many aspects.

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