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NameSuper Mecha Champions
PublisherNetEase Games
Latest Version1.0.10358
PlatformsAndroid 4.1
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The publisher of NetEase Games is probably not new to the gaming community, because its popularity they second only to Tencent in the Chinese market. After the success of a number of products. Such as Extraordinary Ones and Disorder, they continued to launch other games exploited in the survival shooting genre. It can be seen that this is a genre with strong growth potential in recent years and of course. NetEase Games does not want to miss good opportunities to develop its brand more. One of their most outstanding products is Rules Of Survival – a survival game developed in manga style. This proved its appeal to the community global. With success for many years, the publisher NetEase Games has continued to launch a product called is Super Mecha Champions APK + OBB. Right now, we will learn a little about Super Mecha Champions.

Familiar survival factor

Overall, the gameplay of Super Mecha Champions is not really different from the same games on the market today. Join the game, you will join 5 other people on the journey of life and death on a large map.

What’s new is that the game allows you to control a giant robot to fight instead of yourself participating in fierce survival battles. Upon hitting the ground, players will be equipped with an SMG shotgun. You will then be allowed to select and control the robot as soon as the power bar is fully charged. This is quite interesting and a very unique highlight of Super Mecha Champions. However, players need to face the challenge much larger than usual. Robots possess tremendous power when equipped with heavy weapons such as RPGs, so players need to collect them to reinforce their advantage against rival robots.

Diverse game modes

Super Mecha Champions has 3 game modes including Solo, Duo, and Squad, respectively with the number of players of 1,2 and 4. Players can fight alone or join friends to enjoy the fun in the experience process. When joining a team, make sure you work well with your allies in gathering weapons, supporting and setting up plans to attack the enemy. This not only helps you practice teamwork skills. But also offers many opportunities to survive the longest in each stage of Super Mecha Champions. Don’t fight alone when having your teammates because they will be of great help to you in every dangerous situation. Moreover, you will still be the champion even if you die if anyone on the team is still alive until the last moment.

Control system

The survival genre is no stranger to the gaming community. So players can quickly get used to the control system of Super Mecha Champions. The moving and function keys will be displayed visually on the screen and are streamlined to bring convenience to the player. You can also change the position of the function keys by clicking Settings. For new players, you may have a little difficulty in the control because of the nature of this game series is so. However, the game’s tutorial system will help gamers quickly get acquainted. Along with that, through practice matches, players will also have the opportunity to practice their skills. Before engaging in direct battles with rivals around the globe.

Successfully depict real-life battles

Super Mecha Champions is one of the survival games that have just been released in early 2020. So it is invested quite carefully in terms of image. Equipped with 3D graphics format, along with the design of the modern Japanese style ACG. Promises to give players exciting survival battles right on the phone screen. Most of the characters in the game have a change in appearance to help players be more comfortable in choosing appropriate preferences. The quality of the environment in this game is also very detailed and realistic. Making the player feel like they are traveling to cities in their imagination to explore the fierce survival wars.

In addition, Super Mecha Champions also allows players the freedom to customize the quality of graphics in the game to best suit the device. If you own a device with a configuration that is not high enough. Choose a moderate graphics quality for a stable and smooth game experience. Don’t worry because even when choosing the graphics at the lowest level. The details in the game are still beautiful and extremely vivid.

Super Mecha Champions APK + OBB Download for Android

The battle for survival is always one of the hot topics exploited by many game publishers, NetEase Games is one of them. And they know how to create products for many different attractions. Therefore, you can be completely assured of what Super Mecha Champions will bring during the experience. Because it was developed by an extremely famous publisher. Along with the fact that this game is their latest product to the present. So it will be fully equipped with the newest and familiar features that a game of the survival genre need have.

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