Stories: Love and Choices MOD APK 1.2006020 (Free Premium Choices)

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NameStories: Love and Choices
PublisherSAI YUN Game
Latest Version1.2006020
PlatformsAndroid 4.1
MOD FeaturesFree Premium Choices
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Stories: Love and Choices MOD APK (Free Premium Choices) is a built-in simulation of fantasy love stories. Most of these stories will give players a lot of different emotions, along with profound humanistic lessons about love. Before starting the experience, let’s learn about this game.

Brief introduction

Have you ever read love stories or watched romantic movies? Not every love story was written and sent to readers has a perfect ending. The love of a novel can be painful but it can be happy. So have you ever thought that you would be one of the characters of that novel and experience your love?

If you feel too bored watching movies or reading stories, you can join the game Stories: Love and Choices to immerse yourself in the paradise of love right on your phone. This is a simulation game released by SAI YUN Game and considered to have similar gameplay to My Story: Choose Your Own Path and Journeys: Interactive Series.

Although recently launched, this game has attracted a lot of attention from many players around the world, especially teenagers. Before making a decision about whether to experience Stories: Love and Choices, players should continue to refer to this article to better understand the great features that it brings.


In this game, players will be free to play their favorite characters in the built-in novels. Stories: Love and Choices includes a lot of different stories in terms of content, but they are all of the love genres. Therefore, players will become a character in a romance story that you have chosen. However, each story in the game will be completely different with changes in layout, time, or even fiction. This will definitely help keep players feeling fresh throughout enjoyment.

The special thing is in this game, players can transform into a beautiful mermaid, or become a French citizen in the mid-17th century, … Or simply live a normal life like how others in modern times. Remember that every story in the game will be influenced by your decisions, so make a wise choice if you want a Happy Ending.

Customize the character

In particular, the game allows players to change frequently on the appearance of the character if you want. Therefore, players will have the opportunity to create different images for each day to make an impression. Depending on the plot of each story, your character may be male or female. Therefore, players can use diamonds – the main currency in Stories: Love and Choices to unlock new accessories and suit their own preferences.

Overall, this is a very essential feature for a simulation game with storytelling elements such as Stories: Love and Choices. Besides, the way to collect diamonds in this game is not difficult at all. You just need to log into the game daily or complete the available stories, very simple right? Besides, you can also download the MOD version of Stories: Love and Choices that we provide available to be multiplied infinite diamonds quickly.

Graphics are good

Although a simulation game combined with storytelling elements, the graphics of Stories: Love and Choices do not really stand out. What FALSE YUN Game can do for this game is good. The characters in the game are designed in a familiar cartoon style. However, they are not too sharp to help bring a sense of authenticity to the player when experiencing.
Besides, the scenery of the story in the game is not too diverse and vibrant, so players can easily feel bored if experienced for a long time. However, if you are a fan of minimalism and colorless, you will easily feel the fun that this game brings right from the first experience.

What is the MOD version of Stories: Love and Choices?

Free Premium Choices: As mentioned above, premium choices can help you shop for free without the need for diamonds.

Instructions for download and install

  • First, just browse through the article and click on the link available below the article.
  • Next, the download process will take some time. Once completed, click the Install button to install the MOD version for your device.
  • Finally, click on the Stories: Love and Choices icon displayed on the main screen and experience it instantly.


Stories: Love and Choices is an extremely suitable choice for girls who want to find experience for their love story. There, players will meet many different subjects with different personalities and temperaments, thereby making a wise decision for the relationship they care about. Because of this, the game has attracted more than 500 thousand installs on the Google Play app and many positive comments from many critics around the world. However, when experiencing Stories: Love and Choices, players should also become familiar with the ads that appear between enjoyment periods. The publisher will research and reduce this in the next versions to develop it to be more suitable for all players.

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