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NameStickman Dash
Latest Version1.5.0
PlatformsAndroid 5.0
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Stickman Dash (MOD, Unlimited Coins) is one of the few traditional Stickman style games that own a relatively new way of operating at the moment. Specifically, the gameplay of this game will be completely different from other products such as Stickman Battle or Stick Battle Fight so you will have a new feeling right from the first experience. Basically, the player will still need to help the stickman guy in the game. To defeat all other opponents on the map to be able to win at each level. This is not a new task because it has appeared in most games on the game market today. Is it just a change in the way of operation to make the player most interested During the experience. In this article, let us explore some of the special highlights that Stickman Dash brings.

The gameplay is changed

If in other Stickman-style games, players must control their characters to perform corresponding actions. Through the virtual keyboard system built on-screen, Stickman Dash is the opposite. Most of the control mechanisms in this game have been removed, instead. You only need to manipulate one touch to help your Stickman guy perform the attack and move appropriately.

Specifically, when touching the screen, there will be a white line that appears to help players can know the position where their character will move in the next operation. The special thing is that you can adjust your finger to the left or right to adjust the most reasonable direction before deciding to manipulate. Remember that Stickman Dash will allow players to perform continuous operations without limitation. But you need to limit the number of operations in a game screen. If you want to achieve the highest score.

Besides, pay attention to the white line on the screen because it will help you to be able to approach and kill many opponents at once. Just adjust the direction, this line will automatically change. So you need to observe carefully before deciding to manipulate to get the best effect.

Face many powerful enemies

In Stickman Dash MOD APK, players will face a lot of powerful enemies throughout the experience. And they will be equipped with high-damage weapons to defeat you quickly. In the first game, the enemies are simply Stickman guys not equipped with anything. So they will not put your character in too much danger. Therefore, please take advantage of this to destroy them easily and better understand how the game works.

In the next screen, everything will become extremely difficult when the number of enemies is increased significantly. Along with that, they are equipped with melee weapons. As well as long-range weapons making your access becomes harder than ever. Besides controlling the character moves, players need to pay attention to the attacks from the enemy. And make the most appropriate decision in each situation. Note, just let any bullet hit, your Stickman guy will die instantly.

Some other unique features

It can be noticed, the publisher Madbox has very well understood players by bringing the number of screens extremely diverse in Stickman Dash.

This will keep you from getting bored while enjoying the game for a long time. Instead, players will face extremely difficult challenges in the next screen playmaking everything more attractive than ever.

Besides, players can also collect the keys that appear randomly in each game screen. When collecting 3 keys, you can unlock treasure chests after each game screen. They will bring you a lot of valuable booties but at the same time will depend a lot on your luck factor.

In addition, ads in Stickman Dash will appear as videos, but it will not force players to watch to be able to continue the game experience. Instead, you can choose between viewing and not viewing depending on your preferences. The important thing is that there will be valuable gifts for you every time you click on the promotional video that this game brings.

2D graphics are presented beautifully

The graphics quality of Stickman Dash APK is not special compared to other games of the same genre on the market. This game is only equipped with the familiar 2D graphics format, Along with the image details that are not invested too carefully. This will make the player experience significantly reduced during enjoyment. However, we can sympathize with the publisher Madbox because this game is a simple genre. So it is not adjusted too much in terms of display quality is obvious.

General assessment

Stickman Dash is not a traditional role-playing game but it is developed in a simple style. This will bring players more freshness from the first experience. Specifically, the player will be transformed into a Stickman guy and try to destroy all opponents to be able to overcome the challenges that this game brings. Its gameplay has also changed a bit as players will not need to perform too many operations during the enjoyment but still feel the necessary fun. What are you waiting for? Download the game via the APK link below this article and experience it now.

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