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NameStencil Art
PublisherLion Studios
Latest Version1.0.33
PlatformsAndroid 4.1
MOD FeaturesRemove ADS
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Stencil Art (MOD, Remove ADS) a game the latest from the famous Lion Studios publisher promises to give you a very special experience compared to similar products of the same category. Basically, the objects in the game will be presented in the form of paintings and they will be covered by the white background of the page. Therefore, the player’s task is to use colored paint sprayers to make those objects stand out and be easier to observe. In general, the operation of this game is still similar to other products such as Rusty Blower 3D, but it has been changed in terms of content to help players feel more refreshed when experiencing. This game is now officially released on both the App Store as well as Google Play. So you can easily download the game to your device and experience it quickly.

Admire the beautiful paintings

In Stencil Art, players will be working with beautiful paintings from different artists around the world. Most of the paintings in the game will not be too special but only revolve around familiar things around us. This will surely bring you a lot of interesting right from the first time to enjoy it. However, these paintings will not show really clearly on the experience screen so you have to find a way to help it stand out through the built-in paint sprayer.

Specifically, players will have to use a paint sprayer and spray directly on the picture to help the hidden details become more prominent. Thereby, players will admire the true picture with extremely unique drawings that will certainly make you feel satisfied. In general, the context in Stencil Art mainly revolves around an ordinary art gallery so sometimes you will get bored with what this game brings. But trust me, the challenges built into this game will make it impossible to take your eyes off the screen from the first experience.

The way to control is extremely simple

Basically, the operations in Stencil Art will be completely similar to the traditional simple games on the game market today. Therefore, players only need to touch the screen to perform the action of spraying paint on the picture until they find all the hidden details built-in. Do not forget to move your finger so that the paint can spray into different places on the picture. Because hidden details will be changed continuously after each stage to bring certain difficulties to the player. In addition, there will not be any other control manipulations appear in this game. So you can be assured of the simplicity that it brings.

The number of stages is updated regularly

Because it is a game built in the traditional arcade-style, the number of diverse screens is also one of the strengths of Stencil Art. This game possesses a relatively rich screen system. Along with the increasing difficulty over time will certainly make you feel interested in what it brings.

In each game screen, besides having to find all the details hidden inside the picture. The player must also save the maximum amount of paint that he uses if he wants to achieve the highest score. This means that you will have to think twice before deciding to spray paint to avoid waste. Because there will be a lot of hidden details placed in completely different positions. However, overall, the hidden details will be placed close together to help make the picture as seamless as possible. Therefore, you can take advantage of this to be able to win the game easily.

Besides, the publisher of Lion Studios also pays special attention to the quality of the player’s experience. So he always brings regular updates to Stencil Art. This helps the number of screens in the game to increase. Along with a lot of great pictures built-in that will definitely give the player excitement during the experience.

Nice graphics

Most of the games from the publisher Lion Studios bring extremely nice display quality and Stencil Art is no exception. This game is equipped with a youthful and dynamic image quality. Which will help it become more suitable for young players. However, middle-aged players can still feel the excitement right from the first time enjoying the game thanks to the paintings full of different shapes built.

In general, the graphic quality of Stencil Art really makes us impressed with what it brings. How about you? Please comment below this article to help the publisher can continue to improve this game in the near future.


Currently, there are quite a few options available to players when it comes to games with simple gameplay. However, if you want to find a new and recently launched game. Stencil Art is a name that you should not be missed. This game is still built the traditional arcade-style gameplay combined. With the simplicity factor will certainly not make you feel disappointed with what it brings. Besides, its content has been renewed to make players feel more fresh from the first experience.

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