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Download now the hottest third-person shooter game MOD APK (Unlocked All). Join the game to enjoy fiery gun battles on the battlefield with extremely funny lego characters.

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Introduce about is the latest product from the talented publisher – Playdigious. This game is in the Battle Arena online game genre but built in a fairly simple style. Not only possessing extremely unique gameplay, but it also attracts players by the classic and colorful graphic style. This contributes to creating an unforgettable impression in the hearts of fans from the first experience. In my opinion,’s gameplay is quite difficult for new players. So if you really like this game, take some time to learn about it right now.

How to play

Entering the first stage of, players need to choose a favorite character to start the battle right away. Here, players can see a large arena with many obstacles, including walls, wooden blocks, trucks … And most importantly, you will see other opponents ready to face you. With a gun in hand, each player needs to control his character to attack others until becoming the last survivor on the battlefield. This is a merciless battle and there are not many opportunities to correct mistakes. Therefore, always fight like a warrior.

The attack is an indispensable activity in a direct shooter like However, if you are a smart player, know the balance between attack and defense. As mentioned above, there are many obstacles on the battlefield. They do not appear there randomly. Players can use them to hide and protect themselves from the enemy’s range. As soon as the opportunity arises, you can expose and destroy opponents with just a few shots. Flexible and planned play will give the player a lot of advantages over every other player.

Control simple

In general, the control system of is not too complicated, but each player needs time to practice to become proficient. On the left of the screen, there is a set of multi-dimensional keys that allow the character to move left, right, up, or down on the arena. Besides, other function buttons located on the right of the screen are tools for shooting. Clicking them repeatedly, aligning the firing direction is what you need to do. With the 3rd perspective from the top, this game brings a very airy and intuitive experience space. Players can view the entire battlefield easily to quickly create an effective battle plan.

Weapon system

To win many levels, you cannot rely on the original default gun. Take a look at many areas on the battlefield and collect more modern guns. Besides, players can earn money in wooden crates to buy weapons. They possess more ammunition, faster fire rate, and more effective damage. A great weapon will give you an advantage over other players. Destroy as many opponents, the more points you have. And the score is the condition that determines a player’s position on the global ranking.

Game mode has two modes of play: Solo and Team.

With Team mode:

Players need to have a better battle plan in both offensive and defensive aspects. Besides, you must know how to coordinate with teammates smoothly. Winning will not be easy in party mode, however, battles will be much more fun than when you play alone.

With Solo mode:

You will need to use the delicate weapon, control the character, and good reflexes to destroy the opponent. This mode will help you to be free and not dependent on teammates like Team mode.

Classic graphics

The game owns a simple and classic 8-bit graphics platform. The character images in the game are designed in the traditional Lego-style but they look very new and unique. The context of the battlefield is diverse, colorful, and comfortable when viewed from above. Besides, the sound of the game is also very exciting contributing to create a fun experience right on the phone screen. In general, the graphics of are really impressive, it helps this game to stand out in countless games of the same genre on the market.

MOD APK version of

MOD features:

With the widespread popularity of, we have quickly completed the APK and MOD versions of this game for our players.

  • Unlocked All: All equipment, items, and characters have been unlocked for free. Even if you have 0 coins, you can still own everything in the store.

Note: With the MOD version, make sure that no other version of exists on your device for the MOD features to work properly.

How to install

  • You can see the links to these versions at the end of the article.
  • After downloading the MOD file, you need to go to the device’s “settings” section and turn on the feature that allows unknown apps to work.
  • If you have done this before, please skip this step.
  • Then just turn on the game and install as usual.

Download MOD APK (Unlocked All)

It is not difficult to find a good FPS game at the present time, but will be a great choice for players who love this classic shooting. With simple but unique gameplay and impressive graphics, will surely become one of the addictive shooter games in the near future. Experience it soon to quickly conquer the global rankings.

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