SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off MOD APK 1.0.21 (Unlimited Money)

Overview Information
NameSpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off
PublisherTilting Point
Latest Version1.0.21
PlatformsAndroid 5.1
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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SpongeBob MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a famous game from the publisher Tilting Point. This game is mainly about the lovely sponge SpongeBob through everyday life with a dream that becomes a real chef guy. Although there are quite a few SpongeBob-inspired publishers on the market, we believe that game this will give players a very unique experience. First, let us learn a few things about this game.

About SpongeBob

You may not know, SpongeBob is an extremely popular cartoon character and is well known in countries around the world. The animated series about the sponge earned millions of dollars for the developer and was widely released on major television channels. This makes this cartoon character well known and one of the companions of millions of children in the world.

This game is mostly about the life of this famous cartoon character but with a completely different perspective. In this game, you will be joining the mischievous sponge SpongeBob on a fun culinary adventure. Through restaurants and kitchens in the underwater city of Bikini Bottom. It is noticeable that the operation style of this game is relatively new compared to Monopoly or Family Hotel so you can be completely assured of what it brings. Are you ready to join this exciting journey?

Actual context

The context of this game mainly revolves around the underwater city of Bikini Bottom – where fast food shops become extremely popular and make a lot of profits for the rich owners. This made Mr. Krabs realize that fast food businesses could make more money than other types of goods. Later, the wealthy businessman planned to expand his restaurant empire, starting with a breakfast store right next to SpongeBob’s house.

And who deserves to help him run this restaurant better than SpongeBob? Although not having a lot of experience in customer service, SpongeBob is still able to fulfill the assigned targets. That’s thanks to you, you need to help him throughout the experience of this game.

Gameplay and controls

SpongeBob is a game that focuses primarily on cooking. So the main task of the player is to ensure the satisfaction of all customers when visiting their store, including those who the most fastidious. Specifically, players will be provided with a small stall – where all the ingredients used to prepare fast food. Your task is simply to provide customers with the food they want to fulfill the goals set out earlier, then make a lot of money to expand the business of the store.

There will be quite a lot of challenges to appear in this game, the more stages you complete, the more new foods will be unlocked to help the menu of the store become more diverse. This means that the number of customers will increase in each period. So they will leave if they wait too long and will not return again. Remember that every dish in SpongeBob will have completely different requirements. Such as a regular hamburger, there are some customers who will ask you to add chili sauce to the surface of the cake to help it become more delicious.

Every time a customer comes to your store, the dish that a person wants to buy will appear above the speech bubble of each person. This means that players need to carefully review. And identify each requirement of each dish to make the cake best suited to customers. In particular, players only need to touch the screen and drag and drop to deliver food to customers easily.

Exquisite graphics

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The graphics are fine, developed in a familiar cartoon style
Basically, this game possesses a relatively eye-catching and fun graphic quality that makes the player feel like watching the original cartoon during the experience. Overall, the display quality of this game is quite good and there is not too much to criticize.

MOD APK version of SpongeBob

MOD feature:

  • Unlimited Money: With gems, players can freely buy anything they like in SpongeBob like boosters, coins, speed up work,…

How to install SpongeBob

  1. Click on the APK link we provided below to start downloading the game to your device.
  2. After the installation process is complete, click the Install button for the installation to take place.
  3. Wait for a short time, then click on the SpongeBob icon that appears on the main screen and experiences the game immediately.

Download SpongeBob MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

SpongeBob is a game that is worth experiencing at the moment. Although its gameplay is not too new compared to other games on the gaming market. We believe it will not make you feel disappointed the first time you experience it. The game’s graphics are designed in a familiar cartoon style so any player can enjoy the game easily.


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