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NameSpeed ​​League
PublisherRed Bull Apps
Latest Version1.0.54
PlatformsAndroid 5.0
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Fuel, Reliability
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Speed ​​League MOD APK (Unlimited Fuel/Reliability) is a new style racing game just released by Red Bull Apps. Here, a gamer does not need to be proficient in racing skills but can still become a legend on the endless track. This is really new, isn’t it? Join us to learn about it a bit.

About Speed ​​League

Speed ​​League is a great racing game but it doesn’t need good racing players but instead, it needs good managers. Instead of directly participating in the race on the beautiful racing cars, you are behind the scenes to observe your team. This does not mean that you are not focused on this game. In contrast, each player is the main character. They are tasked with devising strategies to help their racing squadron dominate the race, thereby winning as many championships as possible. Racing management is what I want to say about the Speed ​​League’s play.

Familiar gameplay

As mentioned above, the gameplay of the Speed ​​League is really different from traditional racing games like CSR Racing 2 or Torque Drift. Initially, the player needs to form a racing squad of talented athletes. Racing in every tournament is their business. However, for your team to achieve high results, you need to have appropriate management. What determines the outcome of a car race? Speed, durability, energy … of racing cars as well as driving skills of athletes are what you need to care.

Players can collect the best cars from famous global brands such as Porsche, Mercedes, McLaren, Nissan, Audi, Corvette, and more. Do not forget to invest in your factory to provide the best accessories for each vehicle. Gamers can make any tweaks to their racing system to improve performance. At the same time, alliances with other players for technology exchange are also a good idea.

Countless race tracks and opponents

Currently, Speed ​​League owns more than 16 racetrack and many different international tournaments are held annually. Each race has its own unique attributes of terrain, length, and evaluation criteria. Therefore, players need to learn about them before deciding to join. At the same time, racing strategies and vehicle system upgrades are needed to proceed early. Good preparation will give every gamer an advantage over other players.

Remember, the Speed ​​League’s online mode is the multiplayer mode. Here, you can meet countless different opponents from all over the world. Their level of management is unpredictable but surely you should not underestimate anyone. Ideally, have a good preparation and at the same time, take the time to learn about some of the opponents. The aforementioned model, the Speed ​​League also has a training mode where players can try their management roles without regard to their achievements. In particular, completing the tasks in this mode also helps gamers earn money and receive rewards.

Easy control

Because Speed ​​League is just a racing management game, so players need not worry about its controls. It does not have a set of navigation keys or function buttons needed for vehicle control. Instead, players just need to click on the icons on the screen to go to an item such as factories, races, tournaments … This will definitely make you feel more comfortable than the extremely stressful racing game you have ever experienced before.

3D Graphics

If you thought Speed ​​League graphics would be worse than conventional racing games, you’re wrong. Although not emphasizing the racing genre, this game still possesses the quality of sharp and realistic 3D graphics. In particular, the racing system is integrated quite nicely and possesses a beautiful appearance. The context of the racing tracks is shown colorful and magnificent no different from international tournaments in real life. This is really a “paradise” for gamers who prefer racing and racing management.

How to install Speed ​​League

The MOD version of Speed ​​League is available at the MODPLAY.iO website and it is integrated at the end of this article. Begin the download and installation process by clicking on it.

Step 1: After the MOD file has been downloaded, the MOD version may not work immediately.

Step 2: Turn on the feature that allows unknown apps to work on your device in settings.

Step 3: If it still doesn’t work, check if you are hosting another version on your device. If yes, just delete it and proceed with the installation as usual.

Download Speed ​​League MOD APK for Android

If racing is your thing, try the Speed ​​League now. This game is a new style built on the traditional racing genre. Instead of racing, you just need to manage a team of professional athletes, join them in every major racing tournament, and earn the noble title. Here, players can build factories to repair racing cars, upgrade the system, decorate the vehicle’s appearance … Even set up a technology alliance to collect many modern accessories for your racing car from everywhere. Are you ready to join it yet?

MOD feature:

  • Unlimited Fuel and Reliability (Comming Soon)
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