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NameSoul Knight
Latest Version2.8.6
PlatformsAndroid 4.1
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Gems
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Soul Knight MOD APK (Unlimited Gems) will be an extremely reasonable choice for the time being. Although it still a traditional keeps shooting style, the gameplay of this game has been simplified quite a lot. In this article, let us learn about some of the highlights that this game brings.

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Introducing about Soul Knight

Any shooting game needs an interesting enough storyline to help players feel more seamless throughout the experience, Soul Knight is no exception. This game possesses a fiction story and will be unlikely to happen in reality. Specifically, it revolves around the story of the soul stone – a treasure that possesses dark power and is willing to do whatever its owner requires. Unfortunately, a wicked witch from another planet has stolen it and is about to carry out a plot to destroy the world thanks to the help of the soul stone.

Facing the above situation, the heroes representing justice stood up to stop this extremely evil conspiracy. Remember that you will also become one of those heroes and start the dangerous journey in the Soul Knight as a great gunman. Will you be able to prevent the worst from happening to Earth? The answer will be most clearly answered if you download the game and experience this unequal battle yourself.

Destroy all enemies

If you have ever enjoyed the shooting genre game combined with the familiar “escape” style, it will not take too long to get used to the way the Soul Knight works. Your mission in the Soul Knight is to destroy all enemies in each game screen to be able to complete the goal set earlier. The special thing is that each character in this game has integrated completely unique skills to help players can easily exploit.

Specifically, the ability to use skilled weapons, dodge attacks from the opponent in an instant, suck the power of the opposite enemy, … and of course, they will also possess critical weaknesses so You need to find out carefully before deciding to choose yourself a true companion.

During the first experience, you will be taken to the dark dungeon full of pitfalls that are waiting for you. Players need to control their characters moving around through the virtual button system built into the experience screen. Thereby finding the right weapon before confronting powerful enemies in each level.

In general, the gameplay of this game will be repeated throughout the experience. So the publisher has divided the difficulty level clearly in each game screen to help players always feel interesting. Remember that in the next game screen, the number of monsters is quite large. So players need to skillfully control the character, both attacking them and dodging the bullets they shoot.

System of characters and weapons

The next highlight that Soul Knight brings is the ability to allow players to freely use different weapons through any screen. The game offers more than 120 different weapons from pistols, basic pistols to grenades, bows, arrows, melee weapons, magic swords, and many other unique weapons. This will definitely bring you a lot of optimal choices and suitable for each challenge you face.

You can use the money you earn during the game experience to be able to own your favorite characters. Do not forget to upgrade the character to increase additional stats. Such as energy, HP, reduce cooldown, increase ammunition … to help him become stronger in the next game screen.

2D Design retro

One of the factors that make Soul Knight stand out at the moment is the quality of graphics. This game is built on an imaging system based on the unique 2D retro graphic style that promises to help players can return to their childhood once more. Although its display quality is not as sharp as other competitors on the gaming market today. We believe it will help you get the most exciting gaming experience possible.

How to install Soul Knight

  1. Just download the new APK file.
  2. Install it without deleting the old version on your device.
  3. But be aware that when you are using the original or MOD at another address. You will need to back up your process data before doing this.

Note: If you are installing the Soul Knight MOD version at MODPLAY.iO, but the latest version has not been updated yet. The problem we are concerned about is that you can download Soul Knight from some fake website. The installation process may cause errors, and you can only download directly at MODPLAY.iO to be able to boot normally.

Download Soul Knight APK (Latest Version) for Android

Soul Knight is truly one of the most attractive shooting games classics of the moment. With an interesting gameplay, mixed with rogue-like elements, will definitely make you unable to take your eyes off the phone screen during the enjoyment.

MOD features:

  • Unlimited Gems
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4.4/5 - (20 votes)

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