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NameSoccer Cup 2020
Latest Version1.14.1.3
PlatformsAndroid 4.1
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Soccer Cup 2020 APK is an extremely authentic and engaging football game, was publisher by INLOGIC SPORTS available on the Google Play and App Store. Join it now to enjoy the atmosphere of a real football with historical matches between the world’s strongest teams. Countless awesome modes have been updated in the latest version of this game. Come and conquer them.


Sports games have never been down because they always receive special attention from the global player community. Dream League Soccer 2020 or Football Manager 2020 Mobile is one of the most popular names in sports topics. You may already know them in our previous posts at MODPLAY.iO. With the return today, we will continue to learn about a new component in the collection of sports games in general and football in particular. It’s the 2020 Football Cup. Perhaps you didn’t know, it’s an offline game. Very rare, right?


Soccer Cup 2020 is not just a football management style game, it also allows gamers to control each player on the field in every match. Start the game, name yourself, then choose a club you love to officially enter the world of surreal football. You can see famous teams like Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Liverpool … and their valuable players. Well, this seems to be familiar to all guys, including me.

A match will start as soon as a player chooses their opponent using the Random system. Everything happens is random to ensure fairness for every match. Attention, each player on the field should be controlled by the player. Therefore, make the most of your playing skills to wriggle through every opponent, pass the ball correctly, and score a goal. If you always think you’re a football savvy, then show that in the Soccer Cup 2020.


It is not too difficult to manipulate proficiency in Soccer Cup 2020 if you are an experienced player. On the screen interface, players can see a set of multi-dimensional keys are integrated into the left corner. Meanwhile, 3 other important function buttons are in the right corner, which is SHOOT, PASS, and TRICK SPRINT. To play well, players need to use flexibility between function buttons and control the direction of the players’ movement appropriately via the multi-dimensional key set.

In each situation, watch carefully and consider what you need to do next. Pass the ball to the team or fool the opponent to steal the ball or score immediately when the opponent has a loophole? Most teams in the world own quality players but not everyone wins on every front. Why? Remember that skills are of course essential to playing football well, but tactics are always important to divide the level between teams. There is no good strategy for every game, so in each different situation, you need to have a different opinion.

Game mode

Soccer Cup 2020 owns a pretty rich game mode system. Specifically, in the “Season” mode, players will lead their team throughout a season with the aim of winning the most and receiving the award of glory. With “Tournament” where the most exciting matches between all teams around the globe, you need to do more to become the best. Football history will change today if you have the courage to overcome the records that other teams have worked so hard to build.

In particular, a new mode – “Career” is where gamers must complete dozens of different challenges every day such as “Floor is lava”, “Wall of death” and many other things. This will help train your skills and tactical thinking, besides joining the regular “Practice” mode. Good preparation will help to bring an advantage in every match.


Despite being an offline game, Soccer Cup 2020 is still carefully invested in terms of graphics to bring the perfect experience than ever before. The characters and the context in the game have meticulous elaboration creates a sense of authenticity necessary. This will definitely help players feel the most intuitive when playing games so they can immerse themselves in the atmosphere of each match. A real playground exists in this game with players, soccer fields, referees, and lots of spectators. Do you feel excited?

MOD feature

Soccer Cup 2020 is now available on the App Store and is completely free. However, its Android version is not yet ready to be released. This will certainly hinder many players from around the world. This is the reason for the appearance of the APK Soccer Cup 2020 version at this site. With an offline game, advertising is inevitable. If you want to eliminate them, you need to spend $ 0.99 to buy this feature in the game’s in-app purchase. Or our MOD (Comming soon) version is a great free option.

How to Install Soccer Cup 2020

With the aforementioned great utilities, the MOD or APK version is really an indispensable choice for every player. To install them, you can follow these steps:

  • Step 1: The APK and MOD files of Soccer Cup 2020 are ready. You can click the link below this article to download.
  • Step 2: Click on the downloaded file and extract it.
  • Step 3: Click on the game icon and proceed with the regular installation process. After only a few minutes, everything will be ready to experience.

Soccer Cup 2020 APK 1.14 Download for Android

Normally, you don’t believe much in offline games, do you? However, the Soccer Cup 2020 is the exception. This game possesses attractive gameplay, optimal controls, and loads of new and exciting modes to bring a perfect mobile experience. High-end graphics is a feature that cannot be ignored when talking about it. A game with extremely realistic picture quality but plays without an Internet connection. What do you think?

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3/5 - (2 votes)