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NameSoap Cutting
PublisherCrazy Labs
Latest Version3.02
PlatformsAndroid 4.4
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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It is not difficult to find games by the publisher Crazy Labs, cause a lot of curiosity around the world. They always know how to bring newness to their products to give players a certain interest right away when experience. Most of the games from this publisher are in different genres as Jumanji: Epic Run gives players the familiar Endless Run-style or the Dune Surfer game creates the necessary simplicity in terms of gameplay. This means that players can easily choose a suitable game to experience immediately.

In this article, we will continue to introduce you to the latest game from this publisher called Soap Cutting MOD APK (Unlimited Money). Basically, it is a game designed in a simple traditional style that promises to bring you a great relaxing moment right on the phone screen. Join us to learn about it right away.


Like other simple games on the market today, Soap Cutting’s context only focuses on a few important details to make the player feel relaxed as possible. Specifically, in this game, players will get acquainted with the soap bar built in each game screen.

Your task is to use the provided knife to split the soap into small pieces, this splitting will make the soap become thinner and gradually disappear. That’s all you need to do in this game that is using your nimble action. And make all the soap bars disappear so you can win each screenplay.

In general, soap is one of the indispensable items for every human being at the present time. Therefore, the setting around this kind of item is an extremely realistic. And bold idea that promises to make players feel excited right from the first experience.

Control simple

Basically, players will not have to perform too many operations in Soap Cutting. Just use your finger and swipe up or down on the screen to make the knife cut the soap into small pieces. Then, continue to use the swipe operation to push the small pieces of soap bar to the ground to score immediately. Keep in mind that the bar of soap in each level will be relatively thick. So you need to do it many times to be able to win each level. Overall, the control method in this game is relatively simple and suitable for many players around the world. Do you agree with our opinion? Please give your own rating through the comment section below this article.

The number of rich screen play

Because it is a traditional arcade-style game, the number of screens in Soap Cutting integrated is quite diverse to give players an interesting feeling during the experience. It is important that all levels in this game are similar to each other and will not increase in difficulty. Maybe this will make players feel frustrated when playing the game for a long time. However, this game is designed with the purpose of giving players the absolute relaxing moments to experience. So you should be familiar because all levels will not be too different.

Besides, the bar of soap will be changed to a new shape after each game screen to help players not get bored during the game. If you are looking for a game that can help you relax in your spare time. Soap Cutting will definitely be a perfectly reasonable choice.

Nice graphics, many colors

It is noticeable that the graphic element is one of the special highlights that make Soap Cutting stand out from other products of the same category. The graphics of this game are built based on the 3D format. Along with a harmoniously arranged color system that promises to bring the best experience to the player. In addition, the transition effect is also described smoothly and steadily on most smartphones.

In addition, the sound quality of Soap Cutting has also been shown successfully through the gentle but very deep background music. This will definitely bring players great relaxing moments when joining the game. Note, this game contains a lot of ads during the experience so you need to get used to it so you don’t feel uncomfortable. You can also remove ads by downloading the game via the APK link below this article.

How to install Soap Cutting

To be able to experience the MOD version of Soap Cutting, you need to install our exclusive MOD version. And below are detailed instructions for the steps.

Step 1. Request to uninstall Google Play and the original APK if you installed it earlier.

Step 2. Search for the Soap Cutting keyword on the website. And download the MOD version at the end of the article.

Step 3. Allow the installation of unknown apps on Android devices. Then start installing the downloaded APK file, the installation process can take about 1 minute.

Step 4. The game icon will appear with the words “Soap Cutting by MODPLAY.iO”. For now, just visit the game to experience the wonderful moments in Soap Cutting.

Download Soap Cutting MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Soap Cutting is an interesting game with simple traditional gameplay. It does not have too much new in terms of gameplay compared to other products. But we believe that you will still feel satisfied when enjoying it. Besides, the simulation element of this game will help players feel like they are immersed in true entertainment moments through their smartphones. Although there are quite a few simple games that are constantly released in the current game market. We believe that Soap Cutting will still receive the love of many players around the world.

MOD feature:

  • Unlimited Money
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5/5 - (3 votes)