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NameSlap Kings
PublisherLion Studios
Latest Version1.3.0
PlatformsAndroid 4.4
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Slap Kings MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is the latest action game from Lion Studios publisher, honestly describe the famous slap competition in Russia. It sounds weird because all players will slap their opponents one after another to win. Do you find it quite violent? However, everything has been changed in Slap Kings to provide an engaging and humorous experience. Find out about it now.

Note: You can refer to other slap games like Slap That.

Introducing about Slap Kings

Slap Kings seems to be one of the first games to simulate a slap competition held in Russia. Although it may seem strange, in fact, the slap competition is receiving a lot of attention from people. In particular, there are quite a lot of people who expressed negative opinions about this competition because it is quite violent and seriously affects the health of athletes. However, there is still a part of the community that is excited by the dramatic it brings.

Grasping the psychology of the community, Lion Studios publisher has developed the Slap Kings game with a funny cartoon style to meet the needs of the discovery and experience of the majority of players around the world. Are you ready to slap all opponents to win and become the best Slapper yet?

Turn-based gameplay

Slap Kings has a turn-based fighting game that allows gamers to compete with all opponents from low to high levels. When you start playing, you will probably compete with a fairly weak opponent to familiarize yourself with the gameplay that the game offers. Through the initial simple battles, the game wants gamers to discover how to control the characters, the rules of the competition and familiarize themselves with the experience interface. Use this to practice, gain experience, or discover tips to win against every opponent.

When starting to enter the competition, each player will have a maximum HP of 100 and it will decrease after each slap from the opponent. When the umpire announces the contest is over, the person with the highest HP wins and proceeds to the next round. Difficulties will be upgraded through each level and only talented people deserve to experience them. The level of the game screen also corresponds to the level of each player, ie if you can pass many competitions, you can win a high position on the global rankings. Therefore, the competition here is extremely high and the skilled players will conquer the Slap Kings.

Control system

Despite being a highly competitive fighting game, Slap Kings still provides great relaxation through optimized features. In it, we should mention much about the control system of the game. Even for new players, they can quickly get used to the controls of Slap Kings. All operations are performed simply with just a few basic operations of the player. Hold down to the target and release it at the right time to perform the most powerful slap.

All the necessary features are displayed visually right on the screen interface. The top bar shows the level and HP of the two players, while at the bottom of the screen are two icons Health and Power. To gain an advantage over opponents, players can use coins to buy Health – tools to increase HP or buy Power – tools to support power to increase the ability to deal with damage from slaps. Of course, you can only do this when there is sufficient funding. If you want to use free coins, the best option is to download the MOD from our website.

2D design

In this game, the violence and stress seem to be greatly reduced by the unique and funny graphic design style. Athletes are depicted in an animated style with fun looks and expressions. Along with that, the cheers from the fans below the stands will surely contribute to inspiring players.

MOD APK version of Slap Kings

MOD features:

  • Unlimited Money
  • No Ads

Note: Slap Kings has a MOD version developed by MODPLAY.iO. This is an exclusive version, so it is available only on our website.

How to download and install Slap Kings

  1. First, download version MOD in the link below the end of the article.
  2. Open the emulator PC, drag the APK file in, or if you use Android mobile.
  3. After completing the installation, a logo of the game “Slap Kings by MODPLAY.iO” will appear just click to experience this game. Wish you have moments of fun experience!

Note: Currently, there are many fake websites MODPLAY.iO, so please pay attention to avoid being cheated.

Download Slap Kings MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

The separate competition in Russia is getting closer to the worldwide community through the Slap Kings. The game possesses new gameplay, simple controls, and a unique graphics platform. This helps it successfully describe the nature of the actual competition, while also providing exciting relaxation moments for all types of players. Get ready, target, and slap. Anyone can be the winner of this dramatic competition. Is that you?

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  • Please see Installation Guide

4.1/5 - (55 votes)

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