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NameSky Roller
PublisherHoma Games
Latest Version1.10 (Latest)
PlatformsAndroid 5.0
MOD FeaturesUnlock All, No ADS
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Inline skating is becoming more and more popular all over the world. It is an entertainment sport quite suitable for young or middle-aged audiences. Basically, it allows players to use traditional roller skates to move on flat surfaces. Thereby, using unique skills through his feet to create beautiful movements during the competition. In general, rollerblading is a fairly complex sport and requires players to take a long time if they want to perform well.

Therefore, if you do not have any experience in roller skating, try Sky Roller (MOD Unlock All, No ADS) – a very interesting game from the Homa Games publisher. Specifically, players will get acquainted with the sport through amateur characters, then conquer the higher difficulty levels when they are ready. If you’re already bored with familiar games like Happy Glass or Idle Fitness Gym Tycoon, Sky Roller is definitely a good choice.

Familiarize yourself with the basic movements

In the first experience, Sky Roller will give players relatively simple challenges to familiarize themselves with the basic rollerblading movements before making more difficult movements. Specifically, the character will automatically move forward and you will have to touch the screen to help her avoid the obstacles that appear randomly on the screen. Sounds simple right? But when done, you will feel extremely difficult with what this game offers.

Besides, after the player performs a touch on the screen, the character’s legs will automatically close or open to be able to dodge obstacles in front of him. Depending on certain situations, you should watch carefully before manipulating to be able to easily win the screen that you participate. Remember that players only have one chance in a game so just mishandling you will have to start everything from scratch.

Become a professional roller skater

After familiarizing with the way Sky Roller MOD APK works, players will continue with challenges that are much harder than the original. This means that many obstacles will appear on the experience screen, so you will have a lot of difficulties controlling your character most accurately.

In any game screen, there will be several Power-ups appear to help the progress of completing the screen will become faster. This will make the character move faster than the original so it is difficult to control the speed as well as dodging existing obstacles.

In addition, there will be some levels called Gem Rush to appear to help players can collect diamonds – the main currency in Sky Roller. At this level, only diamonds appear and you do not need to worry about obstacles like other levels.

Besides, the number of screens in Sky Roller is also relatively diverse to make players feel more excited during the experience. If you are a player who likes challenges and wants to overcome many difficult levels, this game will definitely be a very reasonable choice in the present time.

Own different characters

After passing any stage, players will receive a reward amount corresponding to the achievement that they have achieved earlier. You can use this money to unlock new characters in Sky Roller, which will definitely give you more excitement during the experience. However, the characters in the game only change in appearance but not help you overcome the game screen more easily. So think carefully before deciding to use the money you earn to avoid wasting.

In addition, players can also change their patin shoes to help the character become newer in the next screenplay. Note, you should click on the ad that appears after each game screen to earn an extra income because it will not spend too much of your time.

Simple graphics are suitable for many players

Sky Roller APK is a simple genre game so it is not too difficult to understand when it owns the familiar 2D graphic format. This may affect the quality of the player’s experience, but it will not lose the inherent typical gameplay.

Most of the details in the game are designed in a minimalist style but still give the player a certain familiar feeling. You will easily recognize the cartoon characters whose appearance looks very similar to humans in reality. In addition, the transition effects in the game will also work smoothly on low-profile devices promising to make you feel more satisfied than ever.

Sky Roller is an interesting game

Overall, Sky Roller is a game with simple gameplay that is worth experiencing in the present time. Although the way it works is not much different from the same category products on the game market today, it certainly will make you unable to take your eyes off the phone screen right from the first experience. In this game, players will get acquainted with the traditional rollerblading sport through simple to complex levels. Besides, the graphics and sound of the game are well designed and suitable for many players around the world. What are you waiting for? You should download the game via the APK link below and enjoy the game right now.

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