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NameShadow Fight 3
Latest Version1.20.1
PlatformsAndroid 4.1
MOD FeaturesFrozen Enemy
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Shadow Fight 3 (MOD, Frozen Enemy) is the latest product from the famous game series Shadow Fight of the publisher NEKKI. This game has markedly improved in many aspects compared to the previous two versions, promising to bring players a sense of extremely new and unique experience. The most noticeable point probably lies in the way of graphic design, this game has no longer had the traditional black glossy graphic style but instead has extremely detailed and vivid 3D graphics built-in. This will definitely give players a certain interest right from the first time enjoying the game. Basically, the gameplay of Shadow Fight 3 will be similar to the usual role-playing games on the game market such as Undead Horde or Shadow of Death 2 so you will not take too long to get used to how it works that it brings. Does this game really stand out in the present time? Join us to find out now.

The plot is extremely diverse investment

Basically, Shadow Fight 3 is a game that follows the storyline to make players feel seamless throughout the experience. Specifically, the context in the game revolves around the power struggle of factions including the Dynasty, Legion, and Heralds. Each faction in the game will have different strengths and weaknesses, so you should consider carefully before deciding to join any faction.

For example, the controllable Legion can control Shadow Energy – a powerful source of powerful power coming from the darkness. If fully charged, your character will quickly increase its speed, power in a short period of time. In general, you need to make a reasonable choice and must make every effort to be a legendary shadow warrior in Shadow Fight 3.

Traditional antagonistic style

Like previous products, the Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK gameplay is also built in accordance with the traditional fighting style – the highlight that makes the Shadow of Death series familiar to many players around the world. Specifically, players will face each different opponent in each game screen and must try their best to defeat them as soon as possible. Players can use the virtual control buttons built into the screen to help their characters can launch the most appropriate attacks in each given situation.

For example, using the virtual steering wheel button to help the character dodge attacks from the opponent, then use the punches or attacks to defeat the opponent in a snap. Remember that your opponent can take advantage of any loopholes that come from the player to reverse the situation, so you need to keep a high level of concentration in each game if you want to become a winner.

Manage a rich collection of equipment

The next highlight coming from Shadow Fight 3 is that it possesses an extremely diverse and richly equipment system that will make players not have too many difficulties in choosing. In this game, players can collect legendary equipment, combine, upgrade and use it in tactics and perk of death. First, you need to defeat all opponents in the challenges this game offers if you want to own the strongest equipment. Remember that rewards are only available to those who truly deserve them, so do your best during the game.

Besides, players do not forget to polish the appearance of their characters by equipping armor, hats or gloves. This will make the character extremely unique and create a prominent highlight in every battle you take part in. Also, choose the weapons that suit your taste because weapons will directly affect the fighting style of the character during the course of the battle. In general, there are countless weapons and armor in Shadow Fight 3. If you’ve ever dreamed of having a collection of unique and powerful equipment, this is the right time for you to own them.

Graphics are significantly improved

Compared to other factors, the graphics are the most upgraded point of Shadow Fight 3 APK. If the previous version, the graphics in the game only stop at 2 black and white aspects, Shadow Fight 3 has brought players a completely new experience. The system of characters in the game has been displayed in full color so that players can easily observe and better understand the beautiful skill bananas built-in. This game also offers players hundreds of characters with completely different looks will definitely not make you feel disappointed from the first experience. Besides, players can also customize costumes for each character in the game to create a personal style.

General summary

Inheriting the outstanding features of the previous two versions on the background of sharp 3D graphics and perfect realistic effects, Shadow Fight 3 certainly makes the fighting game fans hard to refuse at first sight. Basically, the gameplay of this game will not change too much, but it has certain improvements that promise to give players moments of great experience right on the phone screen. In addition, the game is always upgraded through the latest updated versions, which will definitely give players a sense of excitement throughout the enjoyment.

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