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NameScribble Rider
Latest Version1.800
PlatformsAndroid 4.4
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Coins
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Are you a lover of products from the publisher Voodoo? So did you try the Scribble Rider MOD APK (Unlimited Coins) – a game that just came out not long ago? We believe it will not disappoint you from the first experience.

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Introduce Scribble Rider

The games from the publisher Voodoo always own simplicity in terms of gameplay, but still know how to make players feel interesting during the process of enjoying. And Scribble Rider is the latest game from this publisher, if you are a lover of simple games, you should not ignore its appearance in the gaming market.

The player’s goal in Scribble Rider is very simple: drive to the finish line in front of the opponent. However, there are many terrains and obstacles that you must overcome before you get a sweet victory and receive gold coins. In addition, there are still a lot of special things that this game brings throughout the experience. Download the game via the APK link below the article to explore immediately.


Joining Scribble Rider, players will be able to control an off-road vehicle and race with other opponents in fascinating gameplay. A special feature is that players will be free to design their own wheels without having to follow any rules. Therefore, you can design it in an amorphous shape, straight-line square, circle, star, curve, zigzag … even your own name wheel. Although the circular wheel is the most popular right now, in this game it will not be suitable in certain terrains. Therefore, players need to create the most reasonable wheels in each moment.

The main purpose of the player in Scribble Rider is to control his vehicle to the finish line first to win. This is not a simple task at all, because it requires you to use your logic, imagination, and drawing abilities. There will be a lot of different terrains appearing in each race, this contributes to the fierce competition among players throughout the experience.

Understand the principles

In fact, the player needs to reshape their wheels continuously during each race to be the ultimate winner. Therefore, you need to understand the operating principles of the wheels in Scribble Rider. For example, small, circular wheels help the car go fast on flat, hard roads; straight or curved paddles to help create drag and speed through the water; propeller-shaped wheels help the car fly over vertical, high walls … The theory is, but you can doodle any shape you like, as long as it helps you go faster and reach the first finish.


The unique feature of Scribble Rider is that players can change the shape of their wheels at any time during the race by using their fingers to draw in the canvas on the screen. If you finish drawing and you see the car moving slowly and ineffectively, change to a different type of wheel. Basically, the controls in this game are relatively simple and do not give players too much difficulty to experience. If you are a new player, do not worry. We believe that you will not take much time to get used to the lines in this game.

Unlock items

Like other products from Voodoo, Scribble Rider allows players to freely unlock new costumes or cars that suit their budget. Currently, the game offers 9 types of costumes and 6 different car models. Each type will correspond to different prices, so you can easily choose which suits your needs better. Keep in mind that these upgrades only make the look of the character and the car better looking, and not improve their performance during races.


Graphics are also one of the factors that make the Scribble Rider attractive so that players can easily the tense atmosphere of the game races. The display quality in the game is quite eye-catching, relatively successfully depicting colorful maps. Along with that are a series of extremely vivid and beautiful details that will surely make you feel extremely excited from the first time you experience the game.

How to install Scribble Rider

  1. The APK link of the Scribble Rider MOD version has been integrated below the article. You just need to touch it to download the device.
  2. After downloading is complete, click the Install button to proceed with the installation.
  3. The game’s icon will be displayed on the main screen when the installation is complete.
  4. Finally, click on the icon of the game to enjoy it immediately.

Download Scribble Rider MOD APK (Unlimited Coins)

Scribble Rider is really a game that can help players relax during the experience. Although in the racing genre, this game mainly focuses on exploiting the calculation as well as the ability of the player to imagine. In addition to the unique advantages of simple gameplay, this game also offers beautiful visual quality. Along with that is a lively sound system that will surely make you feel extremely satisfied the first time you enjoy it.

MOD feature:

  • Unlimited Coins
  • No Ads
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5/5 - (2 votes)