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As you all know, driving simulation games are relatively popular at the moment, so players will have a lot of choices that suit your own preferences. In the previous articles, we have introduced to you a lot of games belonging to the driving simulation game series such as Car Simulator 2 or Farming Simulator 20. Today, we will continue to bring you newer options but still not much changed compared to previous games with the name RussianCar: Simulator APK. In this game, players will be able to control the legendary cars of Russia and explore the vividly recreated roads during the experience. If you are a lover of simulation games then RussianCar: Simulator will be a choice not to be missed in the present time. Join us to learn about it now.


Basically, the gameplay of RussianCar: Simulator will remain the same as the usual driving simulation games. This will help you feel the familiar right from the first experience, but it will be boring for those who want to enjoy a completely different game.

In-game RussianCar: Simulator, players will be transformed into a driver and control their car to move everywhere without any constraints. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to explore the famous landmarks from beautiful Russia with the natural landscapes arranged in a very harmonious way.

Remember that you will not have any task or challenge set during the game experience. This means that you will be completely free to decide your own fate through the extremely relaxing driving moments that this game brings. Overall, the driving simulation game is reproduced faithfully in RussianCar: Simulator promises not to make players feel disappointed from the first time to enjoy.

Control mechanism

Referring to the control mechanism, we have to admit that RussianCar: Simulator is one of the driving simulation games on the game market that fully presents the function keys and makes it easy for players to get used to in a short time. If you’ve ever enjoyed any of the driving games on mobile, it certainly will not take too much time to master your car in RussianCar: Simulator.

Basically, this game brings a lot of dedicated virtual keys dedicated to driving to support the player in the most optimal way. You can use the two arrow buttons integrated on the left of the experience screen to make your car turn left or right, as appropriate. Then use the virtual function keys on the right of the screen to help the car accelerate, decelerate, reverse the car, … in necessary situations.

Besides, there are some function keys such as screen recording, turning on the radio, honking, … will definitely help your driving process to be as complete and enjoyable as possible. A special feature is that all virtual buttons appear right on the experience screen to help players can use them conveniently.

A lot of different vehicles

Coming to RussianCar: Simulator, players will no longer see luxury cars like normal racing games. Instead, you will control the cars that are considered the symbol of Russia during the experience. Maybe the cars in this game will not satisfy those who love the youthful but it gives you the classic and lightness when driving.

Note, this game is still in the final stages of development, so players may encounter some troubles when experiencing. This means that you will have to wait a little longer for the publisher to handle all the inadequate issues. In addition, RussianCar: Simulator also allows players to use any vehicle they love and proceed to drive it immediately without paying any cost.

Sharp 3D graphics

The quality of the graphics is also one of the big plus points that RussianCar: Simulator is highly appreciated by many players around the world. This game is built based on the quality of 3D graphics so it shows the vibrancy and tranquility of places in beautiful Russia. The cars in the game are also described as relatively similar to reality in order to recreate the image of the 90s of the last century. Overall, the display quality of this game makes us feel extremely satisfied with what it brings. How about you? Please give your rating right below this article.

RussianCar: Simulator APK Download for Android

The appearance of RussianCar: Simulator will help the game market at the beginning of 2020 become more exciting than ever, through which players will have the opportunity to enjoy their favorite games easily. This game has all the elements to become one of the best driving simulation games in the world today, but we will need a little more time to verify its success as it has not been officially released. Currently, players can download the trial version of this game through Google Play and make preliminary assessments about it after the experience to help publishers can perfect their products as fast as possible.

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