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NameRoyal Battletown
PublisherNaxeex LLC
Latest Version3.5.1
PlatformsAndroid 4.1
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Royal Battletown APK is a new product from the publisher Naxeex LLC – An interesting combination between street robbers game and the traditional survival shooter genre. While popular games like PUBG Mobile and GTA: Liberty City Stories are feverish in the market, the introduction of Royal Battletown will open a new playing field for gamers who love both these series. Therefore, it promises to bring the most exciting experience never on mobile platforms.

With over 2 thousand installs and countless positive comments from users on the largest online game application – Google Play, players can be assured of what this game has to offer. If you still feel insecure, join us to learn about it now.


Royal Battletown brings a fairly new and interesting storyline. The player will play the role of a killer who operates under the control of the boss of the gangster. Your task is to fulfill the requirements he makes to receive the rewards. Note, there is no easy task in this game because every player’s activities are controlled by the city security forces and opposition from hostile forces. However, you can rob a car to move through each area, buy guns, equipment … to fight with any force.

According to some reviews of users about Royal Battletown, they feel this game is quite similar to the famous street game GTA but in fact, it has a big difference. Players may feel less free to experience because your character is controll by the boss. And all activities must follow specific instructions. However, sometimes this is necessary because the player will not need to spend a lot of time thinking about what to do afterward. Royal Battletown is great for lazy-thinking gamers.

Facing danger

Right from entering the game, players began to perform the task of an assassin. At the request of the boss, you may have to go a long way to search for treasures, perform assassinations, kill enemies… These jobs require the courage and bravery of the players. Because the dangers are always lurking to destroy you at any time. Sometimes gamers will get caught in a raid with a lot of enemies around, fight and defeat them with punches or use guns before your HP reaches zero.

Besides, the illegal deeds of an assassin will never be forgiven by the law and the state. Therefore, the city police force will appear everywhere to catch criminals and you are no exception. Hide wisely or fight directly with them if you can afford it. However, no matter what the circumstances, be sure to complete the given task and preserve your life.

Controls are optimized

It seems that every mobile game has optimized controls to provide the simplicity necessary for the operation on the screen interface. On the experience screen, players will easily notice the moving key is integrated into the lower-left corner. Meanwhile, the control button for the shooting angle is located on the right along with the jump button. In the upper left corner of the screen is a small map showing the roads in the city. With this map, gamers will easily observe and find the right path.

In general, the control system of Royal Battletown will not be much different from similar products on the market. Even more, it is somewhat simpler. Therefore, players will not spend too much time to get acquaint or feel awkward with the operation. Instead, focus on the tasks assigned because there are many dangers around you. Also, don’t forget to customize the character with accessories or buy more guns, equipment … at the game’s store.

Graphics are not too sharp

In terms of graphics, we do not give appreciation to Royal Battletown because compared to its rivals, it still has not shown a superior level. The details described are not too sharp with a few basic lines, fairly dark colors and familiar cartoon graphics style. However, the game still shows the necessary appeal with a harmonious color combination, vivid effects and attractive sound system. Along with that, each character’s activities, lighting effects, smoke bombs … are also shown quite smoothly. Gamers still easily feel the authenticity needed during the experience with Royal Battletown.

Royal Battletown will continue to be develop further

With a rating of 4/5 from over 2 thousand players worldwide. This is a positive number in the first steps for the birth of Royal Battletown. Interesting gameplay, vivid images, and novel control mechanisms will be the highlights of this game. In particular, it will be invest in further development from the publisher and provide new features in the near future. The quality of the player experience will be further enhance and this will make the game increasingly popular with the community. Join Royal Battletown and make crazy missions right now. Are you excited to be a killer? You will have many troubles. Get ready for anything before starting to experience this game.

3.7/5 - (3 votes)


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3.7/5 - (3 votes)