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NameRolly Legs
Latest Version2.9.7
PlatformsAndroid 4.4
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Rolly Legs MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is the latest game from the “boss” VOODOO and is the version for both Android and IOS platforms on mobile. In the game, players will control their characters to run through steep ramps to win first in the multiplayer race. It can be said that this is a special marathon race. It is equally dramatic but also quite attractive and humorous as well. Are you ready to race?

Introduce Rolly Legs

For players who prefer the simple game genre, surely they will not feel strange with the name VOODOO. This publisher owns a huge collection of simple entertainment games that attract the attention of millions of players around the world. In particular, Crowd City is the most outstanding product that owns more than 100 million installs from users. Besides, Draw Joust! or Draw Climber is also popular cult games worth trying.

Following the success of its predecessors, the recently launched Rolly Legs is also expected to explode in the near future. Currently, it receives a 4/5 rating from users at the largest online game application on mobile – Google Play. Do you feel excited about it? I think you don’t have much information about this game because it’s quite new. Therefore, do not ignore the details about it in this article.

Funniest race

Start the race at the starting line with a number of opponents and you’ll compete with them throughout the race to reach the final goal – become the first to reach the finish line. In general, Rolly Legs is quite similar to a real hiking race. However, the track is not as smooth as you think, but instead, it can be zigzag like a cloth, steep and there are countless obstacles.

Although they are made to make it difficult for gamers in the race, let’s look at the positive side of the problem. Players can take advantage of the slopes to speed up or jump far. If done well, you can completely far away from all opponents in the distance to win.

Control robot

What do you think of a running race with robots? This is what players will see in Rolly Legs. Your character is not an ordinary person or even, it is not the same as a Stickman you met in Crowd City. Instead, the player controls a spherical robot and has 2 or 4 legs. Therefore, in some sections of the road, it can be operated on foot, but sometimes, you can also roll it on the road or use jet and hot air balloons to fly overhead.

Depending on how the player controls the character, the speed may reach its maximum and dangerous trails will no longer matter. During the course, players will see the order numbers displayed on the heads of the robots. They can help gamers visually observe their position as well as those of other competitors on the track. If at some point, you’re not the first, don’t worry because everything can change in the coming stages. As long as the race is not over, players can do something to change their fate.

Some notes

In some levels of Rolly Legs, players can see a “power-up” icon in the shape of a green arrow. They are built to help players accelerate at a certain time, so do not ignore it. Besides, obstacles appear on the road that can affect the speed of the robot. In that case, the player can use their feet to traverse or destroy them. However, if possible, jump, roll or fly over them to avoid wasting time.

After passing a number of levels, players will be allowed to unlock a new character. It not only brings a refreshing appearance but also has new and more special features. Specifically, it could be a roller-shaped robot possessing a faster running speed. In particular, some characters have the ability to use jets and balloons to fly up at a much greater speed. There are countless other characters with unique and interesting abilities. I think you should play and explore by yourself.

2D Graphics

Images in the game are not too prominent but the context and characters are built quite sharp. Along with that, the color combination of this game is quite harmonious, contributing to creating a colorful experience space. The sound aspect is also well invested to create a sense of excitement for every gamer playing the game.

Note, after each winning game screen, the player will receive a certain amount of gold. Please accumulate them and use them appropriately to be able to buy your favorite characters. I know for sure that not everyone is willing to spend a lot of time playing Rolly Legs to make money and unlock characters. Sometimes they don’t have much free time or get bored after long playing. That’s why you should try the MOD version we provide below.

MOD APK version of Rolly Legs

MOD features:

  • Unlimited Money (Gold and Coins)

Download Rolly Legs MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Rolly Legs does not own too sophisticated gameplay with simple controls and good graphics. However, the special thing in this game in particular and the simple games of VOODOO, in general, is high entertainment and addictive gameplay. They do not require too much manipulation from the player on the screen interface but still bring a sense of light relaxation to entertain after stressful working hours.

The time of each screen is quite short, so you can play it anytime at recess after school or simply to “kill” time when sitting on the bus … The convenience of Rolly Legs will help it become more and more popular with the community of players of all ages. You can even encourage your child to play it to exercise their brain.

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