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Overview Information
NameRestless Dungeon
PublisherMoustache Banana
Latest Version1.20
PlatformsAndroid 4.1
MOD FeaturesNo Skill CD
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Restless Dungeon MOD APK (No Skill CD) is a role-playing game from Mustache Banana – a publisher specializing in developing exciting role-playing products to help players become any character they want. This game will help players become powerful warriors with unique skill chains to be able to fight evil enemies during the experience. Besides, it also gives players a fascinating series of missions to help you feel the seamlessness from the first time you enjoy the game. If you’ve ever experienced games similar to Rush Wars or Nexomon, Restless Dungeon will definitely be a great choice in the present time. In this article, let us learn about some of the great highlights this game brings right away.

Explore the dark dungeon

As you all know, the dark dungeon is a very scary place and not everyone has the courage to enter this place. Therefore, the dungeon is always associated with the most powerful warriors and if you pass the dungeon, anyone will be called a warrior. In fact, the dungeon in the Restless Dungeon is the same. And it contains many dangers that can directly threaten anyone’s life when entering here.

However, Restless Dungeon is a relatively fast-paced role-playing game and players do not need to pay too much attention to the storyline. But just complete the challenge they are assigned at each level. Specifically, you will have to defeat all the powerful enemies in each dungeon. And ensure the safety of your character to be able to win quickly. This is not a simple task at all. Because you are completely alone on this journey and without the help of anyone else. Therefore, pay attention to each of your actions if you want to become the winner after each game screen.

Control method

The control system in Restless Dungeon will not change too much compared to other games of the same genre. This will help players can feel familiar right from the first experience. Controls in the game have been changed slightly, there will be no virtual steering wheel buttons on the experience screen. Instead, you can touch anywhere on the screen to control your character to move quickly. Besides, the virtual buttons integrated on the left will correspond to each skill of the character and there will be a large button in the middle to attack.

Overall, the Restless Dungeon console really makes us feel very excited about what it brings. Although there are not too many changes compared to other products, everything in the game is shown relatively visually, making the player feel friendly right from the first experience.

Monster system

The next highlight coming from this game is that it is integrated with the extremely diverse monster system. Which promises to bring players moments of a great experience. And not create boring feeling bored when enjoying the game for a long time. Specifically, the monster system in this game is divided into many categories with many different powers.

Some of the monsters in the game possess a large appearance. This makes them slow to move and you will easily destroy them with flexible skills built-in. Besides, some types of monsters possess flexible movement speed along with long-range weapons. So you need to find their weaknesses and exploit them properly if you want to defeat them. Make your character move as much as possible because this will help you avoid attacks from the enemy easily.

In addition, players will also face strong Bosses at the end of each level. Usually, these Bosses will be equipped with many unique skills that make it difficult for you to fight it. However, if you defeat the Boss, you will receive extremely valuable spoils in this game. Don’t forget to destroy wooden crates or antique pots along the way, they can give you something like gold, items, and a certain amount of HP.

Costumes beautiful

For a regular role-playing game, the graphics are the key factor that helps it impress players on the first experience. Restless Dungeon is no exception. It is equipped with a beautiful 3D graphic format along with the familiar cartoon style character design. That will surely satisfy many players around the world. Besides, the dungeon system and monsters are depicted in dark tones to help players feel fear. And suspense during the game experience.

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Restless Dungeon is a role-playing game that is worth experiencing in the present time thanks to the great features that it brings. Besides the traditional role-playing game. This game also features a beautiful visual system along with vivid sound elements. That will definitely make you unable to take your eyes off the experience screen right from the first enjoy. Overall, Restless Dungeon is not inferior to any game of the same genre in the gaming market today. And it is even more prominent in some important aspects. How do you feel the above comment? Please post your comments below this article.

MOD Features:

  • No Skill CD
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