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Overview Information
NameRecharge Please
PublisherGeisha Tokyo
Latest Version2.0
PlatformsAndroid 4.1
MOD FeaturesUnlock All Skins
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Recharge Please MOD APK (Unlock All Skins) is a puzzle game that comes from publisher Geisha Tokyo, available on Google Play and App Store. Its MOD and APK have also been integrated at the end of this article.

Introduce Recharge Please

Recharge Please is a game following on the style of intellectual puzzles. Therefore, it’s not like traditional match-3 puzzle games like Happy Glass or Super Salon. It is one of the new products of the publisher Geisha Tokyo, Inc. – a person with experience in building fun puzzle games. In their collection of games, we can find countless simple games with extremely interesting and addictive gameplay. Typically Fish Save the Baby or Half-Split.

With Recharge Please, this game is expected to follow the success of previous products. And at the moment, it has over 1 million settings on Google Play and many positive comments from users. This is a sign that it may “explode” in the near future. Therefore, this will be the option you should not miss.


Recharge Please owns hundreds of different levels with difficulty from high to low. Entering the first level, players will be instructed on the gameplay and controls to approach the game easily. Specifically, you just need to hold your hand on the screen interface to pull the plug to the position of the power outlet. Once this is done, the phones will be fully charged or the electric devices will work. About gameplay, Recharge Please is not too hard to understand but at certain levels, players may have difficulty solving puzzles. There are many power lines and obstacles that can distract you.

Tips to play well Recharge Please

Levels of Recharge Please is not as easy as what you hear, so the wise tips below will help you play the game better.

Firstly, complete each task. In some levels, you can see 2-3 power sockets or even more. The smart solution is to start with the easiest outlet to the plugin. Once a mission is completed, players will have many ideas for the next direction. If you still can’t find the way for the selected socket, try a few others.

Next, sometimes you need to plug in indirectly to win. You may not always be able to get past a stage with just a few simple steps with an outlet and a plug. There are plugs that require connecting to 2 or more consecutive sockets to fill the phone battery or operate electrical appliances such as fans, computers, etc. Therefore, watch carefully and plan for moves before touching the screen to play.


Too easy to play Recharge Please with just one hand. The play screen will operate on the vertical screen of the phone and the transition between screens is fully automatic. There are no other function buttons on the screen interface. Because the game’s controls have been significantly optimized, it’s really convenient to play on the phone. Moreover, the stages of Recharge Please happens so fast that players can play anytime during free time like when taking the bus or taking a break between class … That’s great right?


For simple games like Recharge Please, graphics are significantly optimized aspects. Details just have a few basic lines, but they are really sharp and stand out in a colorful context. In particular, the color scheme of this game is very impressive to create a sense of harmony and vividness during the game. Besides, light background music is also a factor to immerse yourself in the sweet world of Recharge Please and enjoy great relaxing moments on the phone.

MOD APK version of Recharge Please

MOD feature:

  • Unlock All Skins
  • Delete Ads

How to install Recharge Please

With the link below, players can download the special version of Recharge Please to enjoy the process of unlimited experience. The installation process will follow these steps:

Step 1: Tap the link below to download the MOD or APK version of Recharge Please.

Step 2: Next, you need to allow your device to access unknown apps that originate outside of Google Play or the App Store. Do this as follows: Go to the Installer, select the “phone and storage” section, search for the information of the downloaded APK or MOD file, navigate to the “advanced” section and enable overlay/drawing on the app.

Step 3: Carry out the game installation process as usual. Attention, please agree with all requests and you can play it soon.

Recharge Please MOD APK (Unlock All Skins) Download

Recharge Please is a place for gamers to unleash their intellect into hilarious logic puzzles. Connecting all the plugs to the appropriate power outlet is what you need to do in this game. Although its gameplay is quite easy but to master all levels, you probably need to spend a lot of time on it to practice. Besides attractive gameplay, the game also possesses optimized graphics and controls, suitable for playing on phones. Colorful graphics are also factors that create an impression for players of all ages from the first experience.

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5/5 - (2 votes)