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NameRebel Cops
Latest Version1.6
PlatformsAndroid 6.0
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Join us in the strategy game Rebel Cops MOD APK (Unlimited Money) to lead the army and fight the notorious criminal gang. If you’ve ever played Grand Theft Auto IV or Grand Theft Auto V, you can easily feel their difference compared to Rebel Cops. This game is not just an action game but instead, the strategy is an important factor that every player needs to consider in every move. Currently, the original and MOD APK versions of Rebel Cops are available here for download.

Introduce Rebel Cops

Rebel Cops is a new game from the publisher HandyGames. Currently, it is a paid game that has been officially released on both Google Play and the App Store. To better understand this game, gamers should explore its story a bit. The game begins with the context in the town of Ripton is gradually devastated by the war of the criminal gangs. It is not too hard to imagine this context because there are many simulation games about it, typically the famous GTA series.

The head of the criminal gangs at that time was Zuev. He used every scheme to acquire all the businesses in the city, and control the economic projects that have been developing. With his brutal abuse, most of the local police force surrendered, which made illegal activities more common. However, during the chaos, a group of Muslim rebel police refused to submit to Zuev and they were developing a plan to pursue him with the purpose of bringing the criminal acts to light.


Rebel Cops owns the classic turn-based strategy game. Entering the shooting game is extremely stuffy, instead of rushing ahead, sneaky actions are the secret weapons in this game. Enemies will move in a fixed route to hunt down harassers in their area. Whenever they encounter any danger, they are ready to fire to destroy the enemy immediately. Meanwhile, each character in Rebel Cops has weak health and the revival feature does not exist. Therefore, it is never a good idea to fight the enemy directly.

Players will join the police force to perform various integrated missions. Note, do not get too excited in this game because it is not a game to shoot and kill each other. As police, gamers need to comply with the law. Certain missions do not allow you to kill criminals, instead, you need to use the baton or stun gun to control the target. Also, the targets on the map may standstill but don’t be too subjective before you can handcuff them. Criminals can easily escape and return to attack the police when they are completely free.

Collect weapons

Rebel Cops not only has small battlefields such as basements, streets, buildings … but also many wider locations for players to explore in the sandbox style. In each different location, players can find the equipment, weapons, and tools needed to fight the crime. However, while moving, don’t leave your teammates too long. You can take risks to rummage through dangerous areas but do not give up to die prematurely. Every corner of the map can be an escape route for you. The important thing is that you try and be patient enough to find them or not.


The view of Rebel Cops is designed from the top to allow gamers to visually observe the entire map of the city. Each character participating in the game is represented as colored lines. In it, enemies are characters with the form of red or yellow lines. Although their images are not too sharp, players can easily recognize the position of each character on the map with a large viewing angle. Participate in the game, gamers will keep hands on the screen to move the character in the direction indicated.


Rebel Cops is designed on the basis of 3D graphics, contributing to the successful description of each action of each character. The context in the game is quite dark in accordance with the context of arresting criminals often found in real life, and it also contributes to highlighting the chaotic situation of society at that time. The main color tone of this game is black, while the display icons and character images are built with bright tones (yellow and blue). Therefore, we can easily see them standing out on the background of the game. Besides, the sound is quite lively creating an atmosphere of tension but equally exciting.

MOD APK version of Rebel Cops

MOD feature:

  • Unlimited Money

How to Install Rebel Cops MOD APK + OBB

  1. First, click the link below to download the APK and OBB or MOD files.
  2. Next, unzip the file “” and copy the extracted folder to the “Android / OBB” folder.
  3. Next, take some time to proceed to install the game on the device, then you can play it immediately.

Download Rebel Cops MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Rebel Cops is an extremely unique tactical action game that you should not ignore. Compared to other games of the same genre, this game proved quite impressive with thrilling gameplay and a well-planned storyline. However, some in-game images may not be suitable for players under the age of 16 or in low spirits. Therefore, these subjects should consider before playing the game.

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