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NamePUBG Mobile
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PUBG is one of the most popular Battle Royale games all around the world. It can be seen that since its launch, this game seems to have crushed every other game of the same type and became the king of the attractive action game series. PUBG was developed directly by PUBG Corporation for the first time on PC platforms. But after a short time later, Tencent Games made an agreement with the publisher to launched this version on mobile platforms called PUBG Mobile APK. Based on the gameplay of the PC version, this game brings a fierce battle of life and death between 100 different players on a large map. You need to fight to win the chance of survival and become the final winner.

With the outstanding popularity of PUBG in general and PUBG Mobile in particular, a number of other publishers have also launched similar products like Fortnite and Garena Free Fire. However, PUBG Mobile has still considered the source of the survival game series, and the evidence for its appeal is the number of 20 million installs on the largest game app – Google Play.

About PUBG Mobile

As mentioned above, PUBG Mobile is the game version for mobile platforms. However, you will not be able to find any of its weaknesses compared to the original version. From the typical survival gameplay to the control system and graphics platform, this game is thoroughly invested. Compared to other similar products on the market today, PUBG Mobile is still more prominent in many aspects. Therefore, this game has always dominated the global game rankings since its launch and is the preferred choice of the gaming community in the survival shooting kind on phones.

Currently, PUBG Mobile has been released on both Android and IOS platforms, so players can experience the game easily with a stable Internet connection. However, because this game owns high graphics quality, it needs a compatible device to operate smoothly. If you experience lags, you can adjust the graphics quality moderately.

Control system

The first thing to mention is the ability to automatically open and loot items of PUBG on mobile platforms. If in the PC version, players need to press F whenever they need to loot items or open the door, in PUBG Mobile, this operation has been automated. Therefore, players will find it easier to control the character, and reducing the manipulations will help shorten the experience time. Each battle will take place within 20-30 minutes from the start to the last round, so it is perfect to enjoy in your free time.

Besides, the movement and shooting in PUBG Mobile also become easier with the function keys are displayed visually on the experience screen. Therefore, players do not need to memorize the shortcuts corresponding to activities such as shooting, viewfinder, jumping, lying, sitting … In general, the optimization of PUBG Mobile on the control system really brought Leave the simplicity necessary for a mobile game.

Many new game modes

With the latest updated version, PUBG Mobile has been integrated with many new game modes. Besides the classic game mode with 4 different types of maps. Players also have the opportunity to experience exciting adventures with two new modes, Arcade and EvoGround. In each mode, it includes many different chapters. And you will definitely need a lot of time if you want to experience them all. Enjoying the exciting moments in each battle of life and death to confront opponents around the globe. Besides, you can also form a team of 2 or 4 people to fight together.

In addition, players can participate in Training mode to practice skills before participating in direct combat to rank. If your level is high, you can get a place on the global rankings and receive valuable rewards to unlock new items or upgrade your RP.

Graphics 3D

Although the mobile platform is not as strong as the PC or the console, PUBG Mobile is still integrated with excellent graphics. Compared to the original version, this game does not appear to be inferior in terms of graphics. This really surprised us. Every detail in the game is very realistic described in 3D format. Therefore, you can easily feel and experience a real battle of life and death right on the phone screen.

Along with that, the sound system and combat effects are also shown to be the same as the original. In general, the graphics quality of PUBG Mobile will surely bring you an interesting and realistic experience that is beyond your imagination.


Update version PUBG Mobile (Latest Original APK) developed by MODPLAY.iO

You can install the official original APK version of PUBG Mobile, developed officially by MODPLAY.iO. With optimized storage after each update, this version will be easily downloaded. Unlike previous updates of PUBG Mobile come from Tencent.

Note: We can’t confirm this. This is an online game with high security, so there is currently no MOD version for this game.

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PUBG Mobile APK Download for Android

At the moment, PUBG Mobile has become extremely popular in the global player community. The success of this game comes from many different aspects such as gameplay, graphics, sound, and interesting game modes. In addition, the publisher Tencent has constantly developed more for its “child” and with new updates PUBG Mobile Lite. We will not talk too much about this game anymore because it is a very familiar game for gamers. Please download the game via the link below the article and experience it yourself to enjoy the exciting relaxing moments.


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