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Overview Information
NameProject War Mobile
PublisherGoblin Gamer Company
Latest Version1130
PlatformsAndroid 5.0
MOD FeaturesDumb Zombies
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Project War Mobile MOD APK (Dumb Zombies) is a new generation shooting game from the publisher Goblin Gamer Company. This is the first product of this publisher so it is equipped with the latest features that promise to bring players a very interesting experience. Before starting the experience, let us learn a few things about this interesting game.

Note: You can refer to some other shooting products such as AWP Mode or Warface: Global Operations.

Introduce about Project War Mobile

Project War Mobile is a relatively new shooting game on the gaming market today. Although released not long ago, this game has quickly achieved more than 100 thousand installs on Google Play, along with achieving the review score from players with more than 4.6 / 5 points maximum. Therefore, this game certainly will not make you feel disappointed with what it brings in the first experience. Project War Mobile has also been greatly improved in terms of graphics as well as different gameplay promises to make players feel excited during the enjoyment.

This game is equipped with 2 main game modes including the plot, which will be constantly updated for you to follow the journey of the protagonist in the post-apocalyptic world. And the remainder of the games is MMOFPS shootings ranked with other players around the globe. This means that players can easily change the game mode continuously to not be bored when playing the game for a long time.

Post-apocalyptic plot

Basically, Project War Mobile’s story is relatively similar to other FPS shooting games on the market. When it refers to the army of Zombies SCUM and how they appear. In this game, players will be transformed into an excellent cloned agent and created by Dr. Seventh Sanctum. Your task is to find a way to unravel the origins of these creepy Zombies. And find a way to destroy the entire army of Zombies to protect the peace of all humanity. What are you waiting for? Follow this exciting journey by downloading the game via the APK link below this article and experience it now.

Traditional FPS gameplay

Before starting Project War Mobile experience, players need to choose the character representing themselves among the 4 characters that the game brings. Each character will have their own strengths and weaknesses, so you need to carefully research their information before making a choice. Besides, this game also allows players to freely customize characters. Such as changing hairstyles, hats, clothes, shoes, … to best suit their preferences.

The operation method of Project War Mobile will not change too much compared to other shooting games on the market. Players will still be taken to certain locations to destroy all Zombies and complete the assigned task. Remember that the number of Zombies is extremely crowded and aggressive, but you are equipped with many advanced weapons. And armor so do not worry. Learn to survive in the city of Zombies and use your skill to fight to defeat all Zombies present on the map.

Besides, the control system of this game will be integrated intuitively on the experience screen. Players can use the virtual steering wheel button on the left of the screen to help the character move or use the right function buttons to perform many actions. Such as shooting, increasing movement speed, exchanging weapons, use bullets, … easily.


Project War Mobile is an online FPS game designed specifically for mobile platforms. Built with the most modern version of the Unity engine and optimized for every smartphone to achieve the best performance throughout the experience process. Basically, all actions in the game are described in extremely detailed. And vivid promises to help players feel like they are immersed in a truly fierce battlefield when enjoying the game. The map in the game is set in the same way as the real Hong Kong, so you will have a free trip during experience.


1. How will the MOD version of Project War Mobile help you?

As is known, the story mode of Project War Mobile is relatively difficult. And you will face an extremely large number of Zombies. This means that your weapons need to be constantly upgraded if you want to defeat all other opponents. In the MOD version of Project War Mobile, we will provide you with some extremely useful features. Such as Unlimited Ammo, God Mode, One hit, Dumb Zombies,… this will help you easily win.

2. How difficult is it to install Project War Mobile MOD?

The answer is no because installing Project War Mobile MOD is similar to other MOD versions at our Web site. You only need to download the APK file below the article. Then proceed to install and enjoy the exciting features that this MOD version brings quickly. The following is a detailed guide to install the simple APK and MOD version.

How to download and install Project War Mobile

Step 1: Download Project War Mobile APK (Bypass) and OBB version at the end of this article.

Step 2: Install the OBB file and extract the file “” and move it to the Android/obb folder. Then proceed to install the APK file (Bypass) and wait for the process to finish.

Step 3: Complete the installation, the game will appear the words “Project War Mobile by MODPLAY.iO”. You start the game, then complete the instructions to get features that the version has installed.

Step 4: Note, installing the MOD version is similar to the APK version (Bypass). You do not need to uninstall the previous version, just download the MOD file and install it to use this MOD feature.

Download Project War Mobile MOD APK (Dumb Zombies)

If you are a fan of FPS shooters or want to experience games with gameplay similar. Project War Mobile will definitely be an option that you should not ignore. This game makes us feel very impressed with what it brings. For example, attractive gameplay, featured graphics, vivid sound, … Promises to make you unable to take your eyes off the experience screen right from the first time to enjoy it.

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5/5 - (1 vote)