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NamePerfect Cream
Latest Version1.11.3
PlatformsAndroid 5.0
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Perfect Cream MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a simple but extremely addictive game that has just been released publisher by Playgendary Limited on Google Play and App Store. In the game, you will become a professional baker and have to do the work of covering cream on the cake in the right way. The perfection of the cakes made is the goal of every player and you will be able to score up to 3 points when doing this.

Introduction about Perfect Cream

Playgendary Limited – the “father” of the simple funny game series, always makes players admired by extremely addictive entertainment products. Games from this publisher often have fairly simple gameplay, requiring less manipulation and normal image quality with 2D graphics format. However, what we want to talk about is the appeal that comes from the challenges at each game level.

It can be said that their difficulty level is moderate enough to create excitement for many gamers. However, you will not have to think and act too much during the game experience. Therefore, most Playgendary Limited products provide the relaxation and excitement needed to relieve stress after working hours. I think you should also try them in your free time or on weekends as well. Some games you can play like Rocket Buddy or Hitmasters.

As a product of Playgendary Limited’s funny game series, Perfect Cream also possesses outstanding features of “predecessors”. However, as a new game, Perfect Cream will take players on a separate journey where there are fascinating challenges, friendly friends, and a new job you’ve never experienced it before. Along with that, countless attractive gifts are waiting for you to unlock and own. This is quite interesting, right? Come to this game now.

Become a baker chef

In fact, to become a professional baker, players need to spend a long time learning and practicing. However, things will not be so hard in the funny game Perfect Cream. Join the game, you will start immediately as a chef by coating fresh cream on the unfinished cakes. Besides, the game also allows gamers to own a small cake shop to build and expand it.

There will be many guests visiting the shop and enjoying your cake. The amount of money paid will correspond to the deliciousness of the cake and they will be used to unlock countless items needed for the development of the store. Managing a store by yourself is not an easy task, not to mention you have to make your own cake and don’t have any employees to help. Therefore, do not be too subjective.

Simple one-touch control

The main task of the player in Perfect Cream is to whip cream on the cake or fruit to create a perfect cake. To do this, simply press your finger on the screen interface to control the cream sprayer, then release your hand when you want to stop. It’s easy to say but when you embark on this, you will feel a little confused because of the meticulous work. Players need to adjust the time to press and release their fingers appropriately so that the cream will cover the whole pie without letting fall out.

As can be seen, the game requires concentration as well as flexible manipulation of players when experiencing Perfect Cream. The levels will not be too difficult but not easy to reach the best state. Each stage will allow players to perform work up to 3 times, so you should not miss it. Do not hesitate to come back again to complete the cakes in a better way although this will cost a bit of your time.

Unlock new items

There are many types of colorful topping cream that you should try to explore in this game. They can come in a variety of colors or shapes depending on the amount of money you own. Also, do not forget to renovate your store with a new ice cream machine shaped like a unicorn or a gun. They do not affect the workload but at least, you will feel happier and more excited when playing. And of course, everything not available in Perfect Cream is bought with gold coins that players earn by selling cakes at the store.

Simple 2D graphics

As far as what I see in simple games, they are not focused on the graphics. Perfect Cream, too. Images in this game are described by a few preliminary lines combined with basic colors such as white, red, blue, yellow … Although they are not too sharp and realistic, players can recognize the distinctive characteristics of each thing and each character.

A simple graphic platform will highlight the unique and addictive gameplay of Perfect Cream. This is what its publisher is aiming for. Therefore, do not focus too much on this, but instead, enjoy the wonderful relaxing moments that this interesting game brings.

Currently, Perfect Cream has been supported for both IOS and Android platforms, allowing players to download and experience on almost any device. Meanwhile, the Perfect Cream MOD version in the link below this article is also a great option. Just click on the link, then install as instructed and start playing.

MOD APK version of Perfect Cream

MOD feature:

  • Unlimited Money

How to install Perfect Cream

  1. Download the Perfect Cream MOD version at the end of this article.
  2. Click install the MOD version wait until the process finishes.
  3. You will see the game logo “Perfect Cream by MODPLAY.iO”. Access the game to experience and stay awake.

Perfect Cream MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

If the pastry chef’s job is your dream, Perfect Cream will definitely be the most suitable game. However, if you have never thought of becoming a professional baker, this game is also a great option for entertainment and stress relief. The game owns hundreds of extremely attractive and addictive levels for players to freely experience for hours right on their device. What are you waiting for? Start the ice cream making business and grow your own bakery shop right away.

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5/5 - (2 votes)