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Overview Information
NamePayback 2
PublisherApex Designs
Latest Version2.104.9
PlatformsAndroid 4.1
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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After the success of Payback’s predecessor, the second version of this game was born as Payback 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money). Currently, its MOD version is available at this site to allow players to own unlimited money to buy weapons and items at the store freely.

Introduce about Payback 2

With over 1 million installs on Google Play at the moment, Payback 2 is considered one of the most successful action games of Apex Designs Entertainment Ltd. This is not a new name in the game market because it was released more than 2 years ago. Moreover, the first version of the game, Payback, has been a hit in the market before. This has made the second version of it extremely popular since its inception. Have you heard of it? If not, find out about it right now in our article.


Basically, this series has gameplay quite similar to Grand Theft Auto V or GTA: Liberty City Stories. It talks about the relentless fight of notorious underground gangs in the US. Initially, you are a guy who works for a big boss in the city. To improve your reputation, you must perform the tasks assigned by the boss including drug trafficking, participating in illegal auctions, racing, fighting,… Payback 2 story revolves around the purge of gangs to gain an advantage in power and economy. Therefore, all its activities are quite dangerous and complex. However, this is also an interesting point of the game, like what you have seen in the famous GTA series.

Countless quests

Completing the assigned task can help you earn a lot of money. Currently, Payback 2 has more than 50 different campaigns and extremely diverse mission systems including rocket racing, racing, gangster fights, and more. Note, in some missions, the player faces a large enemy force. Therefore, in addition to equipping a brave spirit, you also need to think of traps to defeat them quickly and earn additional bonuses.

Payback 2 has two game modes including single-mode and multiplayer online mode. With a single-mode, players can participate in many activities in a large environment to practice skills and tactics. Besides, when you feel more confident, join your friends in online mode. Here, players can compete with many other players around the globe. You can interact with them and participate in engaging campaigns together. Or you can see them as rivals and compete on the prestigious rankings.

In addition to the aforementioned, Payback 2 also integrates weekly events. They are quite interesting but also challenging. This is an opportunity for each player to show their skills in the open-world extremely real. At the same time, the bonus for each activity is extremely valuable. I think you should not ignore them.

Weapon systems and vehicles

A mafia gang leader won’t fight with his bare hands. That means you need heavy weapons and vehicles. Payback 2 owns a variety of weapons systems including knives, electric batons, baseball bats, pistols, machine guns, grenades … Besides, we can not help but mention the “super good” vehicle system from Payback 2 that not all action games have. Although the vehicles of the game are not as luxurious and luxurious as in the usual racing games, you can see many types of cars from racing cars, tanks, motorcycles to helicopters. However, vehicle control is quite difficult, so players need to practice more to become a professional driver.


The graphical aspect has always been of great interest to players in outstanding action games like Payback 2. However, it really does not make fans feel disappointed. From the environment to the image of characters, racing cars, weapons … are described as very sharp and true. In particular, we feel extremely impressed with the effects in the game such as fire, smoke, vehicle engine noise, … They are quite perfect and this will definitely help the experience of the player more real than ever.

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: As mentioned at the beginning, the MOD version of Payback 2 will give gamers unlimited money right from the start of play. That means you do not need to complete the assigned task but still have a lot of money to buy weapons, items, racing cars, and all the things you like.

Install the MOD version of Payback 2 for mobile

1. The link below this article contains the MOD version of Payback 2. Click on it to start downloading the device.

2. The MOD version will not work on your device immediately, but you need to allow your phone to install and run applications that have sources other than Google Play and the App Store. Do this in the advanced settings.

3. Proceed with the normal application installation steps after completing the above two steps. You can play the game soon.


Compared to the first version, Payback 2 has improved a lot in terms of gameplay, controls, and graphics. Besides, it is also updated with countless new tasks and campaigns to bring a more complete mobile experience. However, it also caused many players to complain about the dense advertising system during the experience. Perhaps its publisher will consider reducing them in the near future. So please be patient with this.

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