Passion Puzzle MOD APK 1.16.5 (Unlimited Energy/Moves) Download

Overview Information
NamePassion Puzzle
PublisherWhee Games
Latest Version1.16.5
PlatformsAndroid 4.3
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Energy/Moves
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Passion Puzzle MOD APK (Unlimited Energy/Moves) – an extremely romantic and hot dating puzzle game is now available on Google Play. Join now to start the summer love adventure right on your phone. The MOD and APK versions of Passion Puzzle are also available for download here.


The category of dating games is always a popular topic that receives positive attention from the player community. Popular titles like Chapters: Interactive Stories or Tabou Stories: Love Episodes will be a great choice for you if you are also interested in this genre. To find out about them, visit our MODPLAY.IO website and enter their names in the “Search” box. In today’s comeback, we will suggest another interesting option. It is the Passion Puzzle game from the publisher Whee Games Ltd. This is the place for gamers to experience summer adventures and explore sexy love stories. Who knows, you might find a great “virtual love” in this game. So, try it now.


If you are a male player, Passion Puzzle will be a paradise for you. The story begins when players take part in a summer beach trip where there are many hot and sweet girls. Fortunately, these girls are always paying special attention to you and you can make friends with them, maybe even have romantic dates with some of them. However, whether it becomes true or not depends on the ability of each gamer.

To get to know a girl, start with sweet flirtations every day or give some cute gifts. If the girl has feelings for you, she will actively send hot selfie photos and allow the love relationship to continue positively. However, for things to go smoothly, the player needs to make sure to complete the match-3 puzzle screen levels. Basically, they are not too difficult to overcome, but you need to spend time for them to receive gifts and unlock new girls in the game.


The gameplay of Passion Puzzle is quite simple with an extremely familiar match-3 gameplay for all gamers. In each game screen, try to build a vertical or horizontal row with at least 3 similar symbols. The more connections between icons, the more points you’ll get and the ultimate goal is to complete the levels with up to 3 stars. Besides, pay attention to the number of moves and specific requirements at each level. Victory will come when the player can complete all the requirements before the number of moves.

Discover more

You know, the girls in Passion Puzzle own very unique private stories. To understand them, players need to take time to chat and uncover the secrets they are hiding. Girls are always willing to share personal stories when they feel enough to believe you. It’s up to you to gain their trust. Show your ability to flirt with girls and win their hearts. At that time, you will have unprecedented and wonderful dating dates.

Don’t worry if you accidentally let a girl down because you have lots of opportunities to repair errors. Moreover, this is just a game and you own it. Therefore, each player will have many great offers from many girls in the world of Passion Puzzle. Enjoy it right on your phone screen anywhere and anytime. Do not forget to join the puzzle screen to receive many attractive prizes.


It can be said that graphics are one of the strong points of Passion Puzzle. The scene in the game is carefully elaborated to every detail, contributing to the successful simulation of hot and beautiful characters. Besides possessing a beautiful appearance, the girls also possess sweet expressions, actions, and words. This will definitely shake you from the first experience. In addition, the lively sound element also contributes to creating a more authentic experience than ever.

How to Install MOD or APK of Passion Puzzle

Step 1: Click the link below to download the MOD or APK version of Passion Puzzle.

Step 2: Enable permission to install unknown apps: Open Passion Puzzle game information, go to the Installer, turn on “phone and storage”, go to “advanced” and activate overlay / draw over other apps. This is only needed for Android 6+ devices.

Step 3: Accept all the requirements to complete the installation process. Note, delete all other versions of Passion Puzzle for the MOD version here to work.

Download Passion Puzzle MOD APK (Unlimited Energy/Moves)

Passion Puzzle is a game with a combination of puzzle elements and the romantic dating genre. Besides the familiar match-3 gameplay, players can create their own beautiful love story with beautiful girls. Talking with girls every day to develop relationships is fun that you can find in this game. Although it is a game for all men, it has age restrictions. Please consider before playing if you are under 16 years old.

MOD feature:

Unlimited Energy: Energy is essential in Passion Puzzle that allows players to engage in courtship chats with girls. Therefore, this MOD feature will help you play comfortably although the power bar maybe only 0/20.

Unlimited Moves: In match-3 levels, the player’s number of moves is infinite until they win.

Immediate Victory: Victory will come from the first move.

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5/5 - (1 vote)