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NameParkour Race
Latest Version1.7.0
MOD FeaturesSkins Unlocked, No Ads
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Parkour Race MOD APK (Skins Unlocked, No Ads) – a game that offers the most exciting race ever with the familiar gameplay and extremely fun character system. Run through tall buildings, outrun all opponents and complete the first race. Are you ready to experience and conquer every challenge in this game?

Introducing about Parkour Race

Parkour Race is one of the most prominent products of the publisher MADBOX. It was just released not too long ago and at the moment it is not yet available on Google Play. Despite being a new game, its gameplay is no different from Epic Race 3D or Fun Race 3D. However, with unique graphic style and new features, Parkour Race still promises to bring a great experience.

This game is relatively light, its capacity is only about 142MB. Therefore, gamers can play it on any mobile device, including low-profile devices. Lags seem to rarely occur, so don’t worry about lag.

Free run

Parkour Race is an unrestricted free-running game that allows gamers to execute every strategy without following any rules. As long as you win, the other issues have no meaning in this game. Unlike every race in the same kind game, Parkour Race presents a quite unique challenge but also causes many difficulties for players.

Gamers will run through high-rise buildings in the direction indicated to the finish line. There will be many players participating in a race and anyone can become a champion. You can run, jump far or fly on an arbitrary journey but pay attention to the surrounding opponents. Victory is only one and reaching the second destination is meaningless.

Extremely simple controls

Parkour Race retains the control system of the same category products before. Players will control their characters by swiping left, right or up to jump. All operations are performed right on the screen interface, in addition, there are no other function buttons. Does this make you think of the Temple Run controls right? It’s pretty much the same.

Besides, the top of the screen will display a long bar showing the road that the player has passed. Predict the appropriate distance from time to continue trying more in the rest of the track or you can see the immediate victory when the long bar is filled with yellow. The most dramatic and crazy race in Parkour Race has everything you need to entertain in your spare time. Therefore, do not miss the wonderful relaxing moments in this game by clicking on the link below to download it.

Unique image

When looking at the experience of Parkour Race, we are reminded of some of the old animated films that we have watched so many times before. The characters in this game are designed in an animated style but they are inspired by familiar legendary warriors such as Captain America, Son Goku, Captain Jack, Iron Man …

In particular, they are depicted based on stickman images, so their humorous appearance contributes to the inspiration and necessary humor. However, if you want to own famous warriors, you need to buy them with money or diamonds – a rare currency in Parkour Race. If you want to use them for free, players can download our APK of Parkour Race at this site.


Some questions related to Parkour Race!

1. How can I experience the Parkour Race?

Players can play this game on IOS 10.0 or above. That means at present, the game has not been developed on the Android platform and users need to wait for a while to experience this version. To download the game, gamers can search for it on the App Store or download it now with the link below. Both options are completely free.

However, with the APK Parkour Race, we allow you to own many infinite features in the game such as using free money, owning all costumes, removing ads … If you are a gamer high-performance requirements, this option is extremely suitable.

2. How can I find games similar to Parkour Race?

It can be seen that the gameplay of this game is not too new because, in the current market, this game line is quite popular with the community. If you want to search for similar games, you can enter the full name of the game “Parkour Race” or just type “Race” on the search field. All the best options will be displayed right below and you just need to click on any game title to refer to and click on the download link if you want to play it.

Update version Parkour Race (Latest MOD) developed by MODPLAY.iO

MOD feature: The latest version is developed by MODPLAY.iO team, you will get the feature to unlock all skins and characters in the store.

How to install Parkour Race MOD unlocked version comes from MODPLAY.iO

Step 1: Delete the original Google Play version or APK version if previously installed.

Step 2: Visit website and search for keyword Parkour Race, scroll to the bottom of the page to download the special MOD version.

Note: You can search in Google for keyword “Parkour Race MOD APK” also. It is up to you whether we are a regular or not.

Step 3: Install the APK file you have downloaded, wait until the game finish process appears.


There will not be too much to comment on this game because this is a simple game. Although there are many competitors in the market today, this game, along with its unique features, is enough to appeal to the gaming community. Parkour Race is a dramatic race but you will feel more fun while enjoying.

We are sure that gamers like challenging will love this game very much because every race of it brings certain difficulties. How about you? Are you ready to join and conquer this game? Spend a lot of time to experience the game and make a comment about it. Genuine comments from players will help the publisher develop more of his product to bring the best quality experience.

3.9/5 - (8 votes)


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3.9/5 - (8 votes)

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