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NameOmega Legends
Latest Version1.0.62
PlatformsAndroid 5.0
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Omega Legends APK is an online FPS game combining Royale Battle style from publisher IGG.COM. This is an extremely high-quality survival game, is likened to the second version of the game Fortnite from the big man Epic Games. If you are curious and want to find out more, let’s go to the MODPLAY.iO review below.

Note: You can refer to the two big guys in the online survival game genre are PUBG Mobile and Fortnite.

Introduce about Omega Legends

As far as we know, Omega Legends is a survival game officially released by SKYUNION HONG KONG. Just released not long ago, this online survival fighting game of thousands of lovers has reached 1 million installs on 2 Google Play and App Store charts. Realizing that potential, recently IGG.COM company officially acquired, modified, and officially launched a global community. Indeed, this is a bold move that promises to be a heavyweight opponent compared to Fortnite.


Omega Legends is a perfect combination of shooting and survival to create a unique. Becomes a soldier on the transfer station, which is then taken to a deserted island along with 99 others. Here, the mission of each player is to try to survive as long as possible before the attack of others. Remember, in this war, no one is friends with each other. Everyone fights for their own survival and this makes them rival each other.

After setting foot on the island, you can around the buildings to collect items, it can be guns, bullets, backpacks, first aid kit, armor, hats,… Remember, without items, you will become the dead early in the battle. The enemy can be anywhere in the battle around you. Therefore, if careless or weak, gamers will be excluded from the game.


There is not much to say about the Omega Legends control mechanism because is very familiar to every gamer who loves FPS games. No different from PUGB Mobile or other games of the same type, this game possesses control buttons including multi-dimensional keys to move characters, shoot, load button, sit, jump, viewfinder, fast running … The position of the function buttons has not changed to help gamers easily accessible from the first experience. Moreover, they are quite convenient to manipulate with two hands on the screen interface. Players can also customize them as you like by clicking on the settings.


Omega Legends also has a built-in safety ring that shrinks smaller over time. If outside this round too long, players will lose a lot of blood leading to death. Therefore, probably need to move faster by using the car. In addition to popular cars, this game also has a new mechanism is called Jetpack. Not only helps gamers fly from one position to another at a fast speed but also minimizes noise. This will definitely give you an advantage in hiding or raiding enemies.

Game mode

The game possesses many unique modes including solo, multiplayer (2 people or 4 people), regular and special. Allow gamers to experience in different contexts alone or can form groups to fight with friends. In special mode, there are some new rules that players should learn before starting to play. In addition, in each battle in different modes, the mission system is common. That is, you can choose a game mode that suits abilities or preferences to complete the mission. From there get more rewards and rank increases.


Omega Legends wants to develop its game context in the direction of science fiction. This makes it not as close to gamers as other games of the same type. But on the contrary, brings a new and dramatic feeling that many players are interested in. Every fight is like an ongoing movie where the protagonists are powerful warriors with modern weapons. In addition, combat effects, design styles, transition context,… are quite perfect. I think this will definitely help Omega Legends to grow even more in the near future.

How to Install Omega Legends

  1. Select one of the links below to download the APK or MOD version that suits your needs.
  2. Search for the file’s information in the application section of the device settings.
  3. Go to Advanced, turn on the feature that allows drawing on unknown applications.
  4. Turn on the game and enjoy it.

Omega Legends APK Download for Android

Although it is a new survival game released in early 2020, Omega Legends is still one of the hot names in the FPS genre that gamers cannot ignore. The battle for survival on the island is reproduced more vividly, newer, and no less attractive. With future graphic elements and a diverse system of tasks and characters, this game will surely bring the perfect experience to please fans across the globe.

MOD feature:

  • God Mode (Comming Soon)
  • One Hit (Comming Soon)
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